Diageo Launches Gordon’s 0.0%, Alcohol-Free Gin

Gordon’s 0.0%

Diageo has launched an alcohol-free Gin, Gordon’s 0.0%. The new offering uses the same botanicals as the British brand’s iconic London Dry expression.

Gordon’s 0.0% is said to possess a “bold, juniper-led character” that provides an alternative for those not drinking alcohol. And for those taking part in a dry January following a heavy imbibing December, it might be a reasonable option. It comes in at just 24 calories per 50ml and is best served over ice with water and lime wedge.

“Our expert innovation team at Gordon’s has combined years of expertise and historic gin distilling knowledge to create a credible alcohol-free experience,” said Anita Robinson, marketing director Diageo GB. “Gordon’s 0.0% is created by distilling the same botanicals used in Gordon’s London Dry Gin. These botanicals are individually immersed in water, heated and then distilled before being expertly blended together to capture the essence of Gordon’s in a delicious alcohol-free alternative.

“This special distillation process is a closely guarded secret, known only to a handful of people and we are incredibly proud to be bringing gin drinkers that juniper-led taste they’re expecting from Gordon’s when they choose not to drink alcohol.”

Gordon’s 0.0% is currently available on Amazon and at Tesco supermarkets in the United Kingdom, while there has been no mention on when or if the alcohol-free spirit might make its way to the United States. The alcohol-free bottling will hit further retailers beginning January 3, and is priced at £14 ($19 USD) per 700ml bottle.

For those more inclined to enjoy their Gordon’s the old fashioned way… with alcohol, it’s always good to remember that the Scottish Gin is actually the go-to joy for James Bond’s Vesper Martini. And if you’re looking to mix something up this holiday season, a Martini is always a good way to go.