Delevingne Sisters’ Della Vite Launches In The US

Della Vite Bottles

Cara, Poppy and Chloe Delevingne have launched their vegan-friendly Della Vite Prosecco brand in the United States in time for New York Fashion Week. The brand currently makes two expressions, Della Vite Prosecco Treviso DOC and Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

“In our past lives we were definitely Italian. We love Italian culture, food, tradition and history, and we wanted to create something to highlight that love,” said Poppy Delevingne. “We’ve talked about starting a business together for years, but it had to be something we could all really get behind and that was meaningful to each of us in some way.”

“Prosecco has always been our sisterly ritual, wherever we are in our lives, and countless memories were made over cold glasses of Prosecco. It was the obvious choice and a natural fit,” she added.

Della Vite is an environmentally friendly, sustainable brand. “Social responsibility was important from the beginning – it’s something that Cara, Poppy and Chloe were clear should be a big part of the company,” Della Vite General Manager Clara Latham told us. “Cara is very vocal about climate change and our responsibility to the planet – she’s a part of the educational platform Eco Resolution which drives to promote change- so it was a given that this would be a focus for any business she was involved so closely in.”

“While Prosecco has become a bit of a sister ritual for us, at its core, Prosecco is informal, spontaneous and free from rituals and rules,” said Chloe Delevingne. “Our Proseccos are wildly delicious and will elevate every occasion, no matter how small. Della Vite is a perfect representation of that informal, everyday luxury.”

The Prosecco Treviso DOC is priced at $24.99, while the Prosecco Superiore DOCG goes for $29.99. A limited number of both expressions are available for pre-order nationwide via ReserveBar.