Courvoisier Teams Up With Designer Daniel W Fletcher For Limited-Edition Cognac

Courvoisier x Daniel W. Fletcher VSOP Cognac Bottle

Courvoisier has teamed up with fashion designer Daniel W Fletcher on a limited edition Cognac packaging design. The collaboration features a run of 200 bottles of Courvoisier VSOP and a ready-to-wear clothing collection available exclusively at Harrods from April 2022.

Each bottle of Courvoisier VSOP in this limited run has been hand-painted by Fletcher himself, combining the designer’s signature brushstrokes with the alcohol brand’s usual branding and numbers denoting the bottles’ rarity, also painted by the London-based designer.

Courvoisier x Daniel W. Fletcher bottle box

“I believe that joy is best expressed through whatever medium you feel the most passionate about — for me, this is design, and, more specifically for this partnership, the art of painting,” said Fletcher. “This is something that brings me so much happiness, and having the creative freedom to communicate what ‘joy’ feels like to me through this collaboration has been really enjoyable. I used these positive feelings to inspire my design for the limited-edition bottle and apparel collection, using my signature playful brushstroke, to bring joy to others, too.”

In addition to the new bottle, Fletcher has created a unisex line of apparel, including a denim jacket, jeans, a silk shirt, sweatshirt and T-shirt. Each piece features the same painted brushstroke design seen on the bottle.

The collaboration is accompanied by video and still imagery featuring interior designer Whinnie Williams, actress Anna Shaffer, eyewear designer Betty Bachz, fashion stylist Ben Schofield, and DJ and producer Fab Goualin.

“This exciting partnership is a true manifestation of Courvoisier’s joie de vivre positioning as it enters a new brand world,” said Nick Ganich, head of brands – Beam Suntory portfolio, at Edrington UK. “Although Courvoisier is a Cognac house proudly steeped in heritage, we are looking forward to exploring new territories through a modern lens of art and culture throughout 2022 and beyond. Courvoisier and Daniel’s audiences have strong synergy with each other as customers who place quality and luxury in high regard, a key component in the design process of this limited run of products.”

The limited edition run of Courvoisier x Daniel W. Fletcher VSOP bottles, the jacket, shirt and jeans set will be available to purchase both in-store and online at Harrods from April 28th. The sweater and tee will drop on the official Daniel W Fletcher website

Courvoisier x Daniel W. Fletcher team