Champagne Lallier Debuts Série R.018

Champagne Lallier Série R

Champagne Lallier has unveiled its prestige Serie R.018 cuvee. The launch of the new vintage comes with expansion of the house’s prestige cuvées in select cities across the U.S. Previously sold predominantly in European Michelin starred restaurants and specialty shops, this American extension marks a major step in Campari Group’s strategy to strengthen Lallier’s presence in leading Champagne markets worldwide.

Known as Champagne Lallier’s flagship offering, the Lallier Série R is inspired by nature, sincerity, and curiosity. As displayed transparently on its label, Série R conveys a reflection of its harvest year and embodies the pure nature of the Champagne terroir through the individuality of each expression.

Champagne Lallier

Lallier R.018 exhibits the perfect balance between the four emotions of the Champagne Lallier: Purity, Intensity, Freshness and Depth. Aromas are fresh and intense, supported by notes of ripe fruit and acacia flowers. The initial taste is lively, followed by a generous, voluminous, and intense character, abundant with notes of white fruit. The finish is clean, lingering, and full of depth.

Founded in 1906 in Aÿ, one of the few French villages classified as ‘Grand Cru’, Champagne Lallier carries a prestigious name – communicating the magnificent heritage of the region. Its distinctive winemaking philosophy aims at enhancing the individuality of the terroir, whose exceptional expressions include Lallier’s flagship Série R (R.016) and Blanc de Blancs.

In January 2021, Dominique Demarville joined Champagne Lallier as General Manager and Chef de Cave. An industry luminary, Demarville’s appointment conveys the ambition of Campari Group to develop Maison Lallier not only as a renowned global champagne house, but as a superior champagne range. Campari Group acquired an 80% share in Champagne Lallier in 2020 – the first French champagne acquisition by the global spirits giant.

Demarville brings a lifetime of expertise and curiosity to Champagne Lallier and its renowned Maison. Known for his bespoke fermentation techniques, Demarville grows grapes eco-responsibly, keeps batches separate, and ages longer for depth and intensity. He blends with care, inspiration, and passion, to celebrate the details of nature and each terroir’s individuality. His approach speaks to the heart of the Lallier signature style: Purity, Intensity, Freshness and Depth.

“Série R is the most exciting and challenging blend to make each year and I am delighted to share the unique Lallier style with new and discerning U.S. audiences,” Demarville comments. “These select cuvées are the embodiment of the Lallier approach, which is rooted in a deep respect for nature. I hope to continue the legacy of this historic Maison, leading with transparency, sustainability, and reverence for the terroir, as we bring Lallier into its next chapter.”

The precursor to R.018, the R.016 cuvée aromas are dominated by citrus fruits, yellow fruit, almond and subtle spices. A long finish reveals notes of Mirabelle plum and milk caramel. The finish is silky, lingering, and full of depth, representing a complex year with generous aromas.

Pinot Noir dominates the balance at 56%, hailing from Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Bar, two emblematic areas of the Champagne region, while chardonnay makes up the remaining 44%, derived primarily from the Côte des Blancs, bearing the purity and freshness that defines the signature Lallier style.

The Lallier Blanc de Blancs is 100% chardonnay unique in its provenance. The flavor is sourced from the marriage of crus in two regions: Côtes des Blancs and Aÿ. This unexpected combination brings a distinctive balance of purity and intensity.

The Lallier Blanc de Blancs is dominated by the wines of the year (70%), enabling the perennial character to shine through, while still expressing the Lallier style. The remaining 30% is sourced from reserve wines to provide a silky, delicately creamy texture.

Very fine and delicate bubbles emerge from the light yellow liquid with emerald reflections, bringing the legendary freshness of chardonnay to the tender generosity and delicate power of the Aÿ terroir. The palate is led by floral notes of hawthorn, acacia, and fine flowers, which mingle with the light aroma of fresh butter, hazelnut, and praline. The finish is tense and mineral, a testimony to the chalky terroir, with fresh citrus notes.

Champagne Lallier is initially launching in select U.S. states like California, Texas, and Florida. Campari Group will continue to broaden its footprint in the U.S. market in 2022, with expansion into additional markets and an increased number of offerings from Champagne Lallier, including Ouvrage, the crown jewel of Lallier’s Grand Cru cuvées. All three offerings are immediately available, with R.018 and R.016 retailing for $49.99 and Blanc de Blancs for $79.99.

For more information, head over to Lallier’s official website.