Cava DO Shares New Trade and Consumer Campaign Across the UK


Focused on trade and consumer marketing, as well as education to raise the perception of the sparkling Spanish wine as “a nuanced, high-quality sparkling wine, with the ability to pair with a vast array of global cuisines,” the nine-month Cava DO campaign will be launched in April 2021.

The Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Protegida “Cava”  are embarking on a series of strategic partnerships, curated events and initiatives to boost awareness of the Spanish sparkling Wine under a project they’re calling the ‘360 Degrees of Cava’.

This campaign will highlight indigenous grape varieties, bottle ageing, the traditional sparkling method, and the culture of its Spanish-Mediterranean origins. Focus will also include the drink’s versatility as an accompaniment to food. 

Trade seminars, consumer tastings, food and wine pairing events, retail and media partnerships, and advertising campaigns are amongst the planned activities.

PR and events will be handled by R&R Teamwork, whilst FirstPour will be in charge of social media aspects influencer partnerships, which will include wine communicators who will be encouraged to introduce their audiences to the unique qualities of D.O. Cava.

Director of communications for D.O. Cava, Patrícia Correia, said the UK market had always represented a “strategic market of great importance for Cava”. 

The UK is among the top five markets for the company, which exports around two thirds of its production and is one of the leaders of Spain’s volume exports.

“Despite the pandemic, exports have been positive, up +6.55% from the previous year, which is a clear sign that Cava is enjoyed by Brits and that the opportunity to continue to grow Cava’s market share exists,” said Correia. “The rich gastronomic culture of Spain and the Mediterranean is rightly popular in the UK and Cava is a central part of that vibrant scene.”

Rosamund Barton, director at R&R Teamwork, said the team were “looking forward to bringing Cava to the forefront of the minds and glasses of trade, media, and consumers across the UK, to build recognition and appreciation for these distinctive and individual sparkling wines.”