Cathead Distillery Debuts 2021 Edition Of Old Soul Straight Bourbon

Catfish Old Soul Bourbon

Cathead Distillery has debuted the 2021 release of its small batch Old Soul Straight Bourbon Whiskey—a precise blend of two whiskeys with an identical high-rye mash bill and aged for four and five years respectively.  

Developed by Cathead Co-Founders Richard Patrick and Austin Evans, this year’s Old Soul Bourbon boasts a more mature flavor profile compared to its predecessors and is bottled at 45% ABV with a high-rye mash bill of 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley.

With just 88 barrels produced, Cathead’s Old Soul is crafted the old-fashioned way—featuring a hand-selected precise blend of whiskeys distilled in Mississippi and Indiana—with each barrel reviewed by nose and palate. Aged onsite at the Jackson, MS-based distillery, the Southern heat and humidity offer an ideal environment for maturation, allowing Old Soul to produce older flavor notes throughout its maturation.

“Adding rare and unique bourbons to our whiskey portfolio continues to be a major focus for us,” said Patrick. “With a nod to bourbon traditions of the past and future whiskeys to come, we’re thrilled to share this high-rye Old Soul rendition with Cathead loyalists and whiskey fans, alike.”

The 2021 Small Batch release features a deep amber color, with a balanced aroma of dried fruits, cocoa, and toffee. A gentle entry of vanilla leads into undertones of nutty toffee and banana nut muffins mid-palate and finishes with notes of rye spice fresh leather on the nose. Old Soul is best enjoyed on the rocks or stirred up in a classic bourbon cocktail.

The Catfish Old Soul Straight Bourbon is priced at $44.95 and is available for pre-order with nationwide shipping via the distillery’s website as well as at select retailers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas starting this week.