Bombay Sapphire Unveils Four New Liqueurs

Bombay Sapphier Gin Liqueurs

Bombay Sapphire fans can now kick up their cocktails with their rosy new set of Bombay Creations Gin Liqueurs.

The set of four offers a range of naturally-flavored liqueurs to add a nuanced sweetness to your drinks. At 20% ABV, the pretty pink liqueurs’ strength makes it easy to balance in any cocktail. Rose, Hibiscus, Raspberry and Strawberry each lend their own personality, for a fresh twist on your classic G&T.

According to Renaud de Bosredon, Brand Ambassador for Bombay Sapphire, “The four distinct flavours found in the pack have been carefully developed to complement our world-famous gin, without overpowering the much-loved profile of the gin itself.”

The range of pink and red liqueurs are Instagram-ready, making the set a perfect gift for your libation-loving Valentine.

Bombay’s new foray into flavored spirits proves the company is keen on expanding their reach.

The English distiller just announced the release of a ready-to-drink canned Gin & Tonic.

Bombay is getting in on the readymade game with a refined-looking matte blue can designed with the London dry’s classic ensignia. The can’s soft finish is not only classy, but protects the liquid from sunlight, keeping it fresher and colder for longer.

Developing the drink was a labor of love for the company, who took their time to jump into the ever-popular canned sector.

“The development of Bombay Sapphire & Tonic took time for good reason, as we know our consumers expect only the very best from us and we are extremely proud to say that we’ve created a ready-to-drink befitting to the Bombay Sapphire name in terms of taste, quality, craft and ingredients,” said Victoria Morris, VP at Bombay Sapphire.

“We look forward to shaking up the ready-to-drink category with an option that our fans will love, and that promises to be unrivalled when it comes to taste.”

The set of Bombay Creations Gin Liqueurs is available online now from UK retailer Ocado and will be in stores in Sainsbury’s from 12th February, and in Tesco from March. 

Bombay Sapphire & Tonic is available on Ocado now. It will appear in supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK this summer.