Bombay Sapphire Sunset Joins Special Editions Series

Bombay Sapphire Sunset

Bombay Sapphire has unveiled Sunset gin. The new offering is the latest addition to the English brand’s Special Editions series and is designed for cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire’s master of botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, drew inspiration from places across the globe for the botanicals used in the range. Sunset is made with brand’s 10 core botanicals, as well as golden turmeric, Indian white cardamom, and Spanish mandarin. It is inspired by the “mellow heat and orange glow of the setting sun.”

“I have worked closely with our master distiller Dr Anne Brock to create a subtle combination of warming spices and citrus notes that truly enhance the complex flavour profile of Bombay Sapphire gin, providing a lingering warmth and refreshing taste,” said Tonutti. “Bombay Sapphire Sunset balances the spices of the cardamom and turmeric together with bittersweet sun-dried Spanish mandarin delivering aromatic spice and warmth, just like those last rays of sunshine at the end of the day.”

Bottled at 43% ABV, the gin is “ideal gin for cocktail creativity,” allowing drinkers to use the expression for “late-afternoon apéritif occasions” and evening consumption.

Recommendations for serving the gin include mixing it with tonic that’s been garnished with an orange wheel to emphasise the bottling’s ‘warming spice’, or served with with ginger ale, fresh ginger and a squeeze of lime to create a Sunset Buck, or even to make a Negroni.

“As the global gin boom continues to thrive, we remain dedicated to championing creativity and craftsmanship within our products,” said Natasha Curtin, global vice-president of Bombay Sapphire. “The Special Editions are unique and contemporary expressions of Bombay Sapphire gin, each inspired by the natural world from which we source our exquisite botanicals.”

Bombay Sapphire Sunset is the second gin in the brand’s Special Editions series, following the launch of English Estate in 2019. 

Sunset is priced at £23 ($32 USD) and available from major retailers across the UK.