Big Peat Peatrichor Feis Ile 2021 Inaugurates Scotch Festival Season

Big Peat Peatrichor

Douglas Laing & Co has unveiled the latest addition to its Big Peat range, Big Peat Peatrichor Feis Ile 2021. Created specifically for annual Islay festival, the Scotch follows last year festival edition, A864.

Petrichor (or “PEATRICHOR”, if you will): [noun] The unmistakable scent of rain on earthy soil.

A marriage of Single Cask Single Malts only from Islay, Big Peat’s Feis Ile 2021 Limited Edition is named “Peatrichor” in honour of his island home’s rainy climate and the gloriously earthy scent that fills the atmosphere. It is made from a marriage of Single Cask Single Malts only from Islay.

Drinkers should anticipate notes of damp soil, salty sea air and fresh leather on the nose.  The palate delivers rich, earthy peat smoke and runs to a satisfyingly long classically “Islay” finish. 

Bottled for Feis Ile 2021 at 53.8% ABV, just 5,190 bottles of Big Peat Peatrichor will be made available worldwide. It is priced at £44.50 ($63) USD.

Last year’s Feis Ile, bottling honorrf the A846, a “legendary” road that links whisky fans to distilleries across the Scottish island of Islay before steering up through Jura. “A journey along the A846 is a rite of passage for Islay whisky lovers, and a road that carries countless memorable moments for many,” says Douglas Laing CEO Chris Leggat.

The Big Peat 8 Years Old A846 is aged for eight years and bottled at 46% ABV. It is made without any added colouring and is non-chill-filtered. On the nose, the whisky features notes of “peat, smoked ham, and a fresh seaside saltiness”. The palate brings “chewed leather, streaky bacon and rock salt” accompanied by notes of Madeira and smoked ham on the finish.

In March, the family firm behind Big Peat announced a bottling in honor of the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the center of the release is a charitable intention. The Big Peat “Heroes” Limited Edition will result in a bulk sanitiser donation to the value of £10,000.00 being made to a leading UK charitable organisation by Douglas Laing & Co.