Beveland Distillers Launches Marama Origins Indonesian Spiced Rum

Marama Origins Indonesian Rum

Beveland Distillers has launched Marama Origins Indonesian, a spiced Rum made with sugar cane from Indonesia. The offering is the result of the integration of two key elements of the Indonesian archipelago: sugar cane and the climate.

Through Marama Origins Indonesian, Beveland Distiller looks to extend an invitation to discover the unique terroir of the South East Asian archipelago. While most are familiar with Rums from the Caribbean as well as South and Central America, and others familiar with Indian Ocean nation Rums from Reunion Island and Mauritius, Rums from South East Asia and Oceania still remain mostly undiscussed.

During the production process of Marama Origins Indonesian, extracts from exotic plants and fruits characteristic native to the area, such as vanilla & galanga root (ginger), are added to give unique aromas and flavors. The result is a unique spirits that truly tastes of local terroir.

Back in August, Beveland added a range of Venezuelan Rums, dubbed Caracas Club. The Spanish spirits company began the line with two varieties, Caracas Club 8 Years and Caracas Club Nectar. The spirits are a mix of light and dark rums aged between eight and10 years in white oak, ex-Bourbon barrels.

In September, Beveland launched Suau Brandy in the United States. The Mallorca, Spain-based brand will be imported by Stoller Imports and is available in three expressions: Suau 8, Suau 15 and Suau Orange in 20 US states, including Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

Beveland Distillers and Bodegas Suau also expanded their portfolio in October with the launch of Maior Gin. The new release comes more than 100 years after the launch of Bodega Suau’s first Gin product, which was unveiled back in 1919. Created using native botanicals, Maior Gin was made by macerating spirit with fig leaves, before undergoing a second distillation with juniper, rosemary, and orange peel among others. The resulting gin is described as having hints of citrus and a “silky texture”.