Basque Sbagliato with Atxa Sierra Do Orduna Pacharan

Basque Sbagliato

From the moment we sipped our first Sbagliato at Bar Clacson in Downtown Los Angeles, we loved it. The mix of bubbles, Campari, and, of course, Vermouth is matched perfectly for our palates. It’s grown into such a large part of our drinking regime that it now acts as inspiration for a variety of cocktails we mix on the regular. One of our favorites down this branch off the Negroni tree is the Basque Sbagliato.

Made with Patxaran instead of Campari and Cava instead of Prosecco, the Basque Sbagliato has an earthy and fuller flavor than its predecessor. All the ingredients we use are from Northern Spain (we use Spanish vermouth from around Reus, just south of Barcelona), and this results in a cocktail truly worth sippying. 

For those unfamiliar, Patxaran (or Pacharan) is a sloe-flavoured liqueur commonly drunk in Navarre, Basque Country. It’s made by soaking sloe fruits, collected from the blackthorn shrub, along with a few coffee beans and a cinnamon pod in anisette, for one to eight months. Generally drunk chilled or on ice as a digestif, it also makes a great addition to cocktails.

Unlike the original Sbagliato, which can be chugged in a matter of seconds–trust us–the Basque variety possesses a weightier and slightly more bitter profile, making it better for sipping over time. It’s truly a cocktail that works great day or night, hot or cold. And if you’re looking to go further and further and further down the Negroni branch, and need to keep upright all day, then the Basque Sbagliato is the perfect drink for you.


Combine Vermouth and Patxaran in an ice-filled glass. Top with sparkling wine, stir to combine and garnish.