Bartender Emergency Assistance Program Provides Aid To Those Affected By Coronavirus Closures

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program

The Coronavirus crisis continues to close bars and restaurants across the United States and around the world, and many are wondering where to turn after their places of work shutter due to government requirements. The United States Bartenders Guild’s National Charity Foundation has launched a program for bartenders and their families who might be in need of assistance during the coronavirus outbreak. Those looking to help bartenders in need can do so by following the link at the bottom and donating to the foundation.

The Bartender Emergency Assistance Program is meant to aid service industry personnel experiencing financial difficulties as a direct result of the pandemic. Eligible applicants can receive a grant, in undisclosed sums, to help pay their bills. 

Applicants must be either a bartender or a spouse/child of a bartender and must provide proof of their immediate need. The USBG National Charity Foundation keeps all information confidential, and will not deny applications  due to the fact that the Bartender terminated employment after the application was made, regardless of the reason for such termination. Moreover, at the time the grant is awarded, there will be no requirement or condition, express or implied, that the recipient render future employment services as a Bartender.

Currently the website is facing high demand, so you may experience problems or delays in submitting an application. The organization asks: “Please bear with us and know that we are resolving the issue. Please try reapplying in a few hours or tomorrow if the issue persists. Thank you.”

The USBG National Charity Foundation looks to advance the lifelong stability and wellbeing of service industry professionals through education & charitable activities. They strive to achieve their mission through three programmatic pillars: Social Responsibility (Health & Wellness: physical, financial, and mental), Community Service, and Philanthropy

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The United States Bartenders Guild originally put down roots in California in 1948, and incorporated as a nonprofit over 50 years ago. They are now active in over 50 cities nationwide.

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