Bardstown Bourbon Adds Seventh Expressions To Discovery And Fusion Series

Bardstown Bourbon Company has added two new whiskeys to its Fusion and Discovery Series. The bottlings are both the 7th releases in their respective ranges and highlight complex mashbills and explore the art of modern bourbon blending.

The Discovery Series was designed to showcase the art of blending with an emphasis on old and rare whiskies sourced from a variety of origins. Discovery Series #7 incorporates aged bourbons and rye along with aged Canadian whisky from Ontario.

“The Canadian Whisky blends beautifully with the bourbon and rye, adding a subtle sweetness and rounded finish,” said Dan Callaway, Bardstown hospitality and product development, in a prepared statement. “With our Discovery Series, we continue to push boundaries through innovation, passionately pursuing new flavor.”

On the nose, Discovery #7 has aromas of baked cherry with a touch of mint and raspberry genoise. The palate features a creamy, round mouthfeel and has flavors of baked apple and brown sugar, leading to a long finish. Bottled at 114.5 proof, it is priced at $139.99.

The Fusion Series blends older sourced whiskies with more recently distilled stock made at the Bardstown, Kentucky distillery. Fusion #7 is made up of 70% three-year-old Bardstown bourbon and 30% twelve-year-aged sourced whiskey. It includes five distinct mashbills, three from three-year-old Bardstown bourbon and two from the 12-year-old sourced stock.

Fusion #7 offers aromas of nectarine with toasted almond and honey, and that leads to cedar and toffee with light tannin on the palate. Bottled at 98.1 proof and is priced at $64.99.

For more information, head over to Bardstown’s official website.