Amass Impeachment Vodka Rings In A New Presidency

Amass Impeachment Vodka

If you’re a fan of politics and limited edition spirits, then Amass Impeachment Vodka might be right up your alley. The new offering from the Los Angeles-based distillers arrives just in time to celebrate President Joe Biden inauguration and former President Donald Trump second im’peach’ment trial.

Arriving in an elegant, light pink bottle, Impeachment “is a peachy spirit that uses Amass Vodka as the base,” says the distillery. “Peaches are placed at the heart of the spirit to give it the sweet, sweet taste of victory, while touches of rose, ginger, and red currant make it a not-so-tough pill to swallow. Impeachment is a drink best served ice cold.” Ingredients include wheat spirit, peaches, rose, ginger, and red currant. It’s vegan, glycerin-free, and there are no additives or artificial flavors.

On the nose, soft rose petals give a delicate aroma, “much like Donny’s ego.” Regarding the palate, the spirits maker says, “Unlike a Russian winter or Melania’s embrace, ginger lends warmth to the spirit.” While the finish is given the description, “Juicy peaches give a satisfying finish: the sweet taste of victory.”

Amass co-founder and chief product officer Morgan McLachlan says the idea for Impeachment began as a joke among team members back in 2019. “When we shared it this January following Trump’s second impending impeachment, our community responded in droves,” she says. “From there, our team hit the ground running to develop a spirit fit for celebrating the Inauguration. We’re lucky to have a strong, agile, and creative team that was able to turn this around so fast.” 

Just 2,021 bottles of Impeachment Vodka will be made. Bottled at 40% ABV, the product is set to ship by March 1. 

Earlier this week, Amass launched Riverine, a refined non-alcoholic spirit that is designed to capture the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The Los Angeles-based distillery is known for its Dry Gin and Botanic Vodka, and has now added an alcohol-free option. In place of alcohol, Riverine uses natural botanicals to deliver “the complex flavor profile and unique finish consumers have come to expect from sophisticated spirits,” says the brand.