Amass Creates Cannabis-Infused Alcohol-Free Spirit, Afterdream

Amass Afterdream

Amass has unveiled its first cannabis-infused alcohol-free spirit, Afterdream. The new beverage contains both THC and CBD.

Inspired by the California coast, Amass Afterdream blends sumac, sorrel, and lemon peel to deliver a bright, tart taste, balanced by herbaceous notes of mint and rosemary. Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan carefully selected cannabis-derived terpenes like limonene, beta-myrcene, and eucalyptol to complement the spirit’s flavor profile.

Amass Afterdream contains 3.5mg of THC, 3.5mg of CBD and 3.5mg of Delta-8 per serve, and is blended with 14 botanicals and eight terpenes (aromatic compounds). THC and Delta-8 are two psychoactive compounds found in cannabis.

“With Afterdream, we wanted to treat cannabis as yet another botanical in our universe, diving deep into cannabis culture and striving to understand the nuances of the plant; its effects, strains, terpenes,” explained McLachlan. “For me, terpenes are especially fascinating. They’re compounds that occur naturally in botanicals to give them their flavor. I played with terpenes a lot in building the flavor profile for Afterdream, ultimately allowing me to create a more interesting, complex spirit.”

Afterdream was created in collaboration with cannabis venture studio Open Nest Lab. The company helped Amass by providing a California state-wide sales strategy, in-store marketing, consultation on potency, price point, and guidance on product positioning challenges.

“Morgan McLachlan is a magician,” said Tyler Wakstein, Open Nest Labs CEO. “Her passion for and expert understanding of the power of plants is second to none.”

Amass Afterdream is made in California and is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and contains no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors. It is available at Sweet Flower, online and in all four southern California dispensaries, priced at $70.

For more information, head over to Amass’ official website.

In May, Amass launched its first line of ready-to-drink hard seltzers in three flavors, Surfer Rosso, Faerie Fizz, and Sun Sign. 

In January, Amass launched Riverine, a refined non-alcoholic spirit that is designed to capture the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest.