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Abadia da Cova Galician Orujo No. 2

Abadia da Cova Galician Orujo No. 2

Sometimes the leftovers are the best part and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Abadia da Cova Galician Orujo No. 2. This transparent spirit tastes of northern Spain and is a favorite of the region. It uses some of the finest grapes in the region, which accounts for its continued quality.

For those unaware, Orujo is a pomace Brandy from northern Spain that is most popular in Galicia. It is a transparent spirit with a strong kick thanks to its alcohol content, which is over 50 percent. Its name comes from the expression “aguardiente de orujo,” “aguardiente” meaning “firewater.”

Abadia da Cova Galician Orujo No. 2 is made mostly from Mencia, Albarino, and Godello grapes. Distillation is done by a stem drag system with rectifiers in 250Kg stills. Only the heart of the distillation with the best aromatic fraction are used. It is crystal clear in appearance, with a clean and bright character. On those nose, intense aromas of forest herbs and spices mix with dried flowers. The palate is concentrated and well-balanced featuring notes of balsamic.

Abadia da Cova Galician Orujo No. 2 has taken home a number of awards over the last few years. In the 2017 and 2018 Guide Of Wines, Spirits And Wineries In Galicia, it was awarded a Gold medal. It also took home gold at the XVIII Taste Of Spirits Of Galicia in 2016.

Abadia da Cova Galician Orujo No. 2 is made by Adegas Moure, which was founded in 1958, but actually began producing wines and distilling Orujos in 1920. Today, the company is in the hands of its fourth generation Paloma, José, and Adrián.

Adegas Moure creates an aged Orujo in their Abadia da Cova line, known as No. 8. Other spirits under the flagship include herb liquor, coffee liqueur, honey liquor, cream liquor, and chocolate liquor. They also make 12 different styles of wine.