16 Denver Bars And Restaurants Selling Delivery And Pickup Cocktails, Wine & Beer

Denver Cocktails to go

If you’re looking for some of Denver’s best cocktails, beer, and/or wine, or simply to support your favorite bars, many are offering adult beverages to go. Some are even selling bottles of liquor.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of Denver bars selling cocktails and other adult beverages for delivery and/or pickup. 

American Elm 

This Berkeley eatery offers 10 to-go cocktail kits for adult drinks such as the lemon-tinged Juicy J or the strawberry-laced Anything for Selenas. They’re also selling beer and wine by the bottle, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Bar Helix

RiNo’s Bar Helix is offering a variety of their best-selling cocktails in big and small quantities for pickup, including their famous negroni variations, aperol spritz kits, trashy martinis, old-fashioneds, and more.

Barolo Grill

Tuesday thru Saturday, Cherry Creek mainstay Barolo Grill is offering cocktails and bottles of wine to go for curbside pickup. 

The Bindery

Tuesday through Sunday, Highland’s The Bindery is selling cocktails, glass of wine, and beer for pickup or delivery.

Chow Morso 

Monday thru Saturday from 2pm till 8pm, LoDo’s CHow Morso is selling bottles of wine, wine packs, cocktails, bottles of spirits, high-end whiskey shots, and beer along with their always delicious Italian fare for curbside pickup.

Il Posto 

Seven days a week from 2pm to 8pm, Five Points’ Il Posto is offering a daily mixed cocktails, shots, bottles of wine, beer, and Italian fare for pickup.

Mizu Izakaya and Bar Ginza

From 4:15pm till 9:45pm, Mizu Izakaya is offering poke bowls, sushi and takeout Cocktails for pickup or delivery.

Noble Riot

Tuesday through Sunday from 3pm to 8pm, Five Points’ Noble Rot is selling cocktail kits and bottles of wine along with chicken and sandwiches for pickup.

The Post Brewing Co.

All four of Post Brewing Company’s locations (Lafayette, Longmont, Rosedale, Boulder) are selling multi-drink cocktails, wine, and beer as well as hearty grub for pickup. 

The Preservery

Five Points’ Preservery is selling eats and grocery items (eggs, toilet paper, paper towels, and more) along with cocktails, beer, and wine for pickup and delivery.

Ratio Beerworks

RiNo’s Ratio Beerworks is selling beers in all shapes and sizes, from six-packs to half kegs, for pickup and delivery. Check the website for times.

Restaurant Olivia 

Wash Park’s Restaurant Olivia is selling cocktails by the jar, Aperol spritz kits, and bottles of wine as well as a larger than usual food menu that includes make-at-home options for pickup.

Run for the Roses

Downtown’s Run for the Roses is offering large-format cocktails that are big enough for five people. You have to order food with your boozy takeout orders, so the bar’s breakfast sandwich and side of deviled eggs are both available. Cocktail prices range from $88 to $120, and all sales go to paying the staff.

Spuntino Restaurant 

Seven days a week, Highland eatery Spuntino Restaurant is selling cocktails, amaro, and over 100 bottles of wine that are discounted between 20 and 40 percent for pickup and delivery.

White Pie

Between 12pm and 8pm daily, City Park West’s White Pie are selling batch cocktails in a variety of sizes, up to 10 servings, as well as bottles of wins to go with their always delicious pizzas, focaccia, burrata, and house greens.

Woods Boss Brewing

Seven days a week from 2pm till 2pm, Five Points’ Woods Boss Brewing is offering crafter beer for pickup or delivery.