World Record Set For Biggest Whisky Bottle

Biggest Whisky Bottle feature

The world’s largest Scotch whisky bottle has been unveiled. The record-breaking vessel was unveiled in Huntly, Scotland contains 311 litres of Macallan single malt.

On 9 September, whisky companies Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc (FMH) and Rosewin Holdings PLC (RH) joined forces to fill the world’s biggest bottle of Scotch whisky. The Famous Grouse Experience set the previous record in 2012, but the new bottled smashed the old by a convincing 83 litres.

Biggest Whisky Bottle
Pictures by JASON HEDGES 09/09/2021 URN: CR0030702 Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Headquarters

To create the now famous bottle, the firms acquired two sister casks of 32-year-old Macallan single malt whisky, which were married together by the team at Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky distillery. The event was put on to raise money for a variety of charities.

Standing at 5ft 9ins (1.8m) tall, the bottle took an hour to fill. The whisky that did not make it into the giant vessel is now being used to produce a limited-edition bottling, known as “The Intrepid.” Each 12-bottle set consists of a replica of the record-winning bottle featuring the faces of different famous explorers, athletes, and adventurers.

“Eleven of the most fearless and adventurous people to walk the earth, featured on the world’s largest bottle of whisky, containing some of the most expensive single malt available, and bottled by one of the best independent Scotch bottling companies,” explained Fah Mai Holdings Group and Rosewin Holdings owners Louis Haseman and Daniel Monk.

Next, the world’s largest whisky bottle will travel to a London auction house, where it will be auctioned later in the year and might break a second world record for the highest price for a bottle of whisky ever purchased.

“To put it into perspective, a single 70cl bottle of original 30-year-old Macallan Oak sells for £4-5k and a similar independent bottling fetches £3k plus. What we have here in our mega bottle alone is around 444 of those. We’ll leave you to do the maths…” said Haseman and Monk.