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WhistlePig Cooks Up Wheat Whiskey Aged In Camping Stove Charred Barrels, CampStock

WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey

WhistlePig partnered with Solo Stove to launch a wheat whiskey finished in Solo Stove Toasted Barrels

WhistlePig is no stranger to out-of-the-box thinking–for all intents and purposes, they’re the ones who spurred the rye whiskey resurgence–and unique barrel aging is certainly up their alley. Over the past few years they’ve launched a toasted baseball bat-finished rye and a whiskey slow smoked in Apple BBQ wood. Now, as part of an activation with outdoor lifestyle brand Solo Stove, WhistlePig cooked up a whiskey aged in barrels charred by a camping stove, CampStock Wheat Whiskey.

WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey is made with wheat whiskey alongside the Vermont-based brand’s grain-to-glass Rye. The final blend is finished in Solo Stove Toasted Barrels, before being bottled at 86 proof. The whiskey offers hues of the golden hour, with notes of citrus, freshly toasted bread crust and vanilla for a well-rounded finish.

“We’ve experimented with Wheat Whiskey as part of our FarmStock series and other limited editions,” says Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Blender. “CampStock takes the soft and smooth wheat profile to a new level with 85% Wheat whiskey, and an innovative Solo Stove Bonfire toasted barrel finish. No cooperage had ever used a Solo Stove on their barrel toasting platform, but Independent Stave Company was up for it, and the result was incredible.”

Coinciding with the launch, Camp WhistlePig is in session at the WhistlePig Farm & Distillery throughout the month of June. Fans will have a chance to enroll by entering to win via a contest hosted by WhistlePig & Solo Stove from May 22nd through June 3rd on both brands’ social media channels. Taking place in Shoreham, Vermont, Camp includes the full “stave-to-stove experience,” says a press release: “Solo Stove cookouts, WhistlePig S’mores Maple Old Fashioneds and Summer Camp classics.”

WhistlePig CampStock Whiskey will be available online via the brand’s official website and across liquor stores nationwide for $74.99 per bottle.

Earlier this year, WhistlePig rolled out The Badönkådonk, a 25-year-old North American single malt sourced from Canada.