Welcome To The Party, Pal: Absolut Unveils Canned Vodka Cocktails

Absolut Canned Vodka Cocktails

Count Absolut as the newest liquor industry powerhouse to join the canned cocktail train. The Swedish brand is now selling a variety of ready-to-drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages. Six total options in two different genres are on offer, three Absolut Vodka Sodas and three Absolut Cocktails. 

Using Absolut Vodka, quality ingredients and natural flavors, Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails are the fizzy addition to summer we’ve all been waiting for. The brand worked with a variety of their own bartenders to capture a range of sophisticated and lightly sparkling drinks. Low in calories and ready to drink with the flip of a tab, are the perfect premix situation for inside the home or venturing out.

On the Absolut Vodka Soda side, the Swedes are now offering Lime & Cucumber, which is inspired by their iconic vodka soda recipe; Grapefruit & Rosemary, which blends the refreshing nature of grapefruit with the spicy notes of rosemary; and the elegant, yet tangy Raspberry & Lemongrass. Each Absolut Vodka Soda only has 97 calories.

Made with Absolut Vodka, all natural flavors, real fruit juice and second to none mixology expertise, we are bringing those highly sophisticated cocktails to your spur of the moment parties. Enjoy chilled straight from the can or serve in a cocktail glass with a garnish if you are feeling fancy. Absolut Grapefruit Paloma, Absolut Mango Mule and Absolut Berry Vodkarita are always sweet, sometimes bitter and never out of place.

On the Absolut Cocktails side of things, the brand is offering a Berry Vodkarita, a flirty blend of fruit flavors; a Grapefruit Paloma (we’re pretty sure all Palomas are made with grapefruit, but we’re just happy to find it in a can); and Mango Mule, which mixes spicy ginger with juicycitrus notes.

Absolut Vodka Sodas and Absolut Cocktails are available in stores nationwide for around $13 for a four-pack of 12-ounce cans.