Want To Make Your Own Scotch Whisky? Check Out the Holyrood Distillery Custom Cask Programme

Holyrood Distillery Custom Cask Programme

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Scotch Whisky, the Holyrood Distillery Custom Cask Programme may be worth checking out. The Edinburgh-based distillery has created an opportunity for spirits fans to construct their own bespoke Whisky

The Holyrood Distillery Custom Cask Programme will allow customers to be involved with every step of the process as they work alongside distillery manager Jack Mayo and co-founder David Robertson. It can take place either at the distillery via face-to-face consultation–where, of course, appropriate social distancing measures will be taken into consideration–or via a unique virtual experience with samples sent to the participant in advance of the online meeting.

The program focuses on four core spirit flavors fruity & floral, sweet, spicy, and peaty. The purchaser participates in every part of the process, from choosing the type of malted barley and yeasts used for fermentation to the distillation approach, cask type, and the date when the cask will be filled.

The run is limited to just 200 Whisky casks in 2020. Fifty of those casks are reserved for customers looking for fully bespoke service. Those buyers can take things a step further with rare wood options like Japanese oak or barrels that previously held Port, beer or another beverage.

“We built Holyrood Distillery with flavour at its very heart,” explained Co-founder of Holyrood Distillery David Robertson. “We’re not bound by heritage; our priority is to be open-minded and produce a range of truly delicious whiskies rather than sticking to tradition and crafting only one or two styles. We know that our customers appreciate the opportunity to dive into the creative process. This programme allows people to share that journey with us and create something truly customised to their individual taste. It’s an invitation to own a piece of history – and to be guided through that process by our experts to create something really bespoke.”

Distillery Manager, Dr. Jack Mayo, said: “As a whisky distiller there is nothing better than getting the chance to create a wide range of flavours and styles and even a totally unique whisky. While other distilleries allow you to purchase casks with whisky based on their house style, this level of customisation is unique. For an inquisitive whisky fan, this is a chance to be a master distiller for a day, and a whisky maker across the decade as you watch the development of your fledgling spirit into a mature single malt and decide when the time is right for bottling. You’ll ultimately be making whisky history in our pioneering city centre distillery in Edinburgh.”

Three cask sizes are available: a barrel (200 litres), a barrique (225 litres), or a hogshead (250 litres) starting from £4,950 ($6,464 USD), £5,450 ($7,139 USD), and £5,950 ($7,794 USD) respectively. The full bespoke service is priced individually. The cost includes consultation, annual sampling, annual warehouse visits, the cask, and storage for 10 years.