VIVIR Launches El Sueño Tequila To Promote Sustainable Practices

El Sueño Tequila

The founders of super premium Tequila brand VIVIR have launched El Sueño. The new mixto agave spirits brand wants to bridge a gap in the market and support sustainable practices.

El Sueño Tequila is made at the same distillery as VIVIR and uses fully matured, lowland and highland Weber Blue Agave, which is grown at the distillery. It is specifically produced to serve in long drinks and is available in Silver and Gold expressions. The gold is aged for up to two months in oak casks.

“More and more brands hide behind the 100% agave badge while using questionable production methods and very unsustainable agave,” said VIVIR and El Sueño co-founder Paul Hayes. “This is greatly damaging both for the industry and farmers’ livelihoods in Mexico. We want to directly counteract this with El Sueño, which is very sustainable and at a great entry-level price point.”

El Sueño Silver delivers a “delightfully smooth, floral and citrusy finish,” according to the brand. “It’s super smooth by itself and also goes extremely well in margaritas and with tonics.” El Sueño Gold, meanwhile, features a hint of sweeter caramel and vanilla notes. It is recommended to be used in cocktails or with a quality ginger ale.

Both Tequilas come in at 38% ABV and are available for £21 ($29 USD) per 70cl bottle, and are available for purchase via Master of Malt.

In other Tequila news, earlier this week Latitude Beverage launched Tequila Zarpado. A handcrafted premium blanco Tequila, Zarpado was created in partnership with boutique distillery Cavas de Don Max and Master Blender Dan Becherano.

Earlier this month, IZO Spirits added an Extra Añejo Cristalino Tequila to its range. The San Diego-based brand was established by Mexico native Gaston Martinez and has previously released Mezcals, a range of Tequilas, a Sotol and a Bacanora.

On March 1, the founders of Mezcal El Silencio, Fausto Zapata and Vicente Cisneros, announced their venture into the premium Tequila category with the launch of Dahlia Cristalino