Vecchia Romagna Celebrates 200th Anniversary With $5000 Riserva Anniversario Brandy

Vecchia Romagna Riserva Anniversario

To celebrate its 200th anniversary, Vecchia Romagna has unveiled Riserva Anniversario, a limited-edition Brandy with a price tag of about $5000. The new offering from the iconic Italian spirits makers features a blend of vintage wine spirits aged between 23 and 67 years.

Vecchia Romagna Riserva Anniversario will be released in a limited run of 200 crystal decanters, each handcrafted, individually numbered and signed by the Salviati master glassmakers in Murano, Venice. Each vessel comes with a bespoke case and a glorifier inspired by the staves of the oak barrels used to age the brand’s spirits, and featuring hand-stitched Italian leather.

Hailing from Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, Riserva Anniversario is designed to showcase traditional techniques, flavors and vintages, paying homage to the distillery’s history while also celebrating the business’ sense of modernity. It was created by blending liquids from five individually selected casks, dating back as far as 1952.

Bottled at 48% ABV, Vecchia Romagna Riserva Anniversario offers aromas of cherries, plums, raisins and red fruits, but also of ripe orange peel and dehydrated tropical fruit. The nose is rich in tropical spices such as cinnamon that meld with notes of tobacco and toasted French and Slavonian oak. The palate features an initial sweetness of dehydrated fruit or fruit preserved in alcohol – such as apricot, pineapple and mango – which gives way to intense spicy notes of allspice and cloves, as well as balsamic notes of cardamom and coriander. More complex and structured notes marry well with the roasted and slightly smoky notes of coffee for a long finish.

“With this truly rare and expertly crafted limited release we bring to life the vision that legitimises Italian aged spirits and allows them to play the role they deserve in the world of premium and super-premium alcoholic beverages,” said Marco Ferrari, CEO of Gruppo Montenegro. “Following the success of Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera and Tre Botti, Riserva Anniversario is the third pillar in the Vecchia Romagna Reserve range – a growing portfolio of premium spirits driven by the insatiable demand around the world for all that is Italian.”

The first decanters of Riserva Anniversario will go on sale via The Whisky Exchange for the price of £3,500 ($4,852 USD).