Van Gogh Vodka Releases Second Annual Special Edition Bottle for International Women’s Day

Van Gogh Vodka International Women's Day 2021

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Van Gogh Vodka will release a limited edition #GoghGirl bottle designed by artist Ashley Price, known as Pinklomein in the art world. This is the second release in the iconic Vodka brand’s Goghgirl campaign which celebrates the work of female artists and raises money for female initiatives with every bottle sold. The new bottle, containing Van Gogh’s classic 80 proof Vodka, will be available at retail locations in select markets.

As the exclusive importer of Van Gogh Vodka, 375 Park Avenue Spirits CEO Jason Schladenhauffen shared that this initiative hits close to home for him. “The inspiration for this project was driven by all the amazing women I’ve been surrounded by throughout my life, most recently my wife and daughter, and my hope is that the #GoghGirl campaign will inspire women everywhere to feel empowered to overcome obstacles and celebrate life’s achievements. We knew it would be tough to find an artist to follow Kate Worum, our first #GoghGirl artist, but Ashley Price overdelivered on all of our expectations,” he said. “The label she developed appears to be in continuous motion and contains vibrant colors and several symbols, from the two women’s faces to the black stemmed plant and finished off with a moon as an ode to Van Gogh.  Ashley was able to bring everything to life in such a creative and expressive way that we have little doubt that our consumers are going to struggle to find a place visible enough in their homes to showcase this masterpiece.”

Known for her bold, beautiful colors, Price, a Houston-based painter, illustrator, and printmaker, has created an abstract design for this year’s limited-edition release.

“This piece exudes movement and gives a windmill-like effect as if everything is in a continuous motion,” said Price. “I wanted to really showcase the beauty of a woman by adding two faces with pink cloudy hair, a black-stemmed plant to represent growth and the moon as an ode to Van Gogh.”

Van Gogh Vodka will donate $1 per bottle sold to the Loveland Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing opportunity to multicultural women and healing to communities of color. The brand will also partner up with the Cocktail Bandits, industry experts and female bloggers, to release a special recipe called the “Yes, Honey cocktail” in April.

Much of the #GoghGirl campaign will play out online through inspirational messages on social media and features of women throughout the year, as Price best says all women need to “Keep going and keep growing”.

“My journey as a full-time artist began as an escape into a world of creativity; I treat it like a form of self-care,” said Price. “Van Gogh Vodka gave me an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge International Women’s Day while staying true to myself and my work, because that’s what the day is all about: not needing to compromise.”

People can find the 750ml offering at various retail stores for t$24.99.