Travis Scott Is Launching A Hard Seltzer Called “Cacti”

Travis Scott Hard Seltzer Cacti

First he conquered music, then sportswear, then video games, then fast food, and now Travis Scott has set his sights on the drinks world with the launch of a hard seltzer dubbed “Cacti.” The American rapper has teamed up with beer giants Ab InBev to release the forthcoming bubbly beverage.

Scott has been teasing the hard seltzer for some time, but things seem to be more official now after an interview with Forbes. In the feature, the rapper “pulls out a glass beer bottle filled with a clear liquid.” And then asks the interviewer what he thinks. “According to the plain white label affixed to the bottle, it’s a preliminary batch of Cacti, a forthcoming—and until now, top-secret—hard seltzer he’s been working on with AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer. This one’s purportedly strawberry; it tastes generally crisp and fruity. “We’ve got other flavors,” Scott says. “Like lime. I was actually just trying it. I kinda like it,”” they wrote.

Despite all the hype, information about the Travis Scott Cacti hard seltzer remains limited at the moment. There no announcement about when to expect the drink, what flavor or flavors will be offered, or even what it might cost. 

Scott’s move to the wine, beer, and spirits world in certainly on trend as more and more celebrities have been launching their own alcohol products. In October, Olivia Culpo joined canned cocktail brand Vide as Creative Director.

Earlier today, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power’s wine brand unveiled Avaline Sparkling, the fourth offering in their portfolio, which is made up of clean, vegan-friendly wines made with organic grapes and without unnecessary extras.

In October, Pierce Brosnan joined Casa Don Ramon Tequila as its global spokesperson. The James Bond star will act as the face of the Mexican spirits brand and represent its Limited Edition Collection.

If you didn’t know, even Rita Ora has her own Tequila.