Top 5 Places Around the World to Enjoy a Drink with a View

Drink with a view

For many people who travel for leisure, visiting scenic spots and enjoying stunning views may be at the top of their to-do list. For others, it’s enjoying a foreign culture’s gastronomy and culinary offerings. Thankfully, you can do both at the same time in many places around the world. Whether it’s at a pristine beach somewhere in Europe or in the midst of towering city skyscrapers, there are places all over the world where you can savor a beverage (or two) while looking at stunning views. In this post, we’ve enumerated some of them.

Lisbon, Portugal

There are so many things to do in Portugal’s capital city. Aside from learning the country’s history through museums and historic buildings, you can also enjoy the country’s gastronomic offerings with breathtaking views. Lisbon is full of rooftop restaurants such as Topo and Tagide, where you can drink and dine while taking in the city’s distinct skyline. If you prefer something a little low-key, you can visit the Bairro Alto neighborhood and check out Park, which is a rooftop lounge that has spectacular views of Lisbon’s red roofs and the blue Tagus River.


Singapore is full of hotels and resorts with breathtaking views where you can indulge in good food and great drinks. One such hotel is Marina Bay Sands, which towers 200 meters above the city and the bay. The iconic hotel is known as the “three pillars and a plan” building due to its architectural design. Atop the hotel, you can have a great time at CÉ LA VI, where your drink is served with a complimentary panorama view of Singapore’s skyline.

Benidorm, Spain

If you’ve been yearning for a Spanish vacation, then you shouldn’t miss out on Benidorm. Located on the southeastern coast of Spain, you’ll find towering high-rises juxtaposed with rocky cliffs and perfect beaches, such as the Playa de Levante or the Playa de Poniente, in this coastal city. Indeed, many people have Benidorm on their travel bucket list, with the British being the top visitors. As revealed in a Gala Bingo survey, 57% of Brits have a love affair with Benidorm for the sunshine, entertainment choices, food, and people. The best place for a drink with a view is atop Tossal De La Cala as you get a jaw-dropping view of Benidorm and all its glory.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has never shied away from going the extra mile for extravagance. In this city, you’ll find various jaw-dropping man-made beaches and spectacular hotels — where you can treat yourself to different dishes and drinks. Inarguably, the ultimate experience in Dubai is enjoying a refreshing beverage at the At.mosphere Lounge. Found on floor 122 of the Burj Khalifa — the tallest building in the world — you can have luxurious meals, appreciate mixed concoctions, and even have high tea while looking at a sea of clouds outside your window.

Big Sur, California

A trip to California is never complete until you’ve seen its golden coast. Here, you can find the Big Sur region, which hosts stunning views alongside twisted roads and breathtaking viewpoints around every corner. If you feel a little parched while driving through Big Sur’s hairpin bends, be sure to pull over to the cliff-topping restaurant Nepenthe and treat yourself to an invigorating iced tea or juice while looking over this region’s dreamy coasts and carved cliffs.