Thomas Keller Calls New Casa Dragones Barrel Blend Anejo Tequila “Extraordinary”

Casa Dragones Barrel Blend Anejo Tequila

Casa Dragones has released its first anejo Tequila, dubbed “Casa Dragones Barrel Blend,” just in time for Father’s Day. This is the third time in the last ten years that the small-batch producer has added to their sipping Tequila portfolio, and the new bottling is already receiving praise from some of the food world’s biggest names.

“Casa Dragones has another winner,” said internationally renowned chef Thomas Keller. “It is beautiful, and the body, and color are extraordinary.”

It took two years of working with one of France’s most respected cooperages for Casa Dragones to create the two styles of custom-made Oak barrels they used for the Casa Dragones Barrel Blend. One barrel is new French Oak and the other new American Oak. Each were selected for their individual flavor and characteristics, then toasted to impart roundness, light spice notes, and aromatic intensity. At the end of the aging process, Casa Dragones blends both barrel styles together yielding and agave-forward añejo tequila with subtle notes of cacao, fig and spice.

Casa Dragones Barrel Blend is light caramel in color with bright hues and pronounced legs. On the nose, there are aromas of fresh floral and pear along with notes of figs and almonds. The palate is filled with notes of macadamia, nutmeg, and blackberry. Notes of cacao and spicy black pepper can be found throughout its long, round finish.

“It’s so beautiful and elegant. I get orange blossom, honey, almond, caramel and cedar with a dry and vegetal finish. We don’t typically focus on añejos because they often shadow the greener flavors of agave plant but there is a place for this añejo,” says Yana Volfson, agave spirits expert and beverage director of ATLA and Cosme in New York and Ticuchi in Mexico City.

Casa Dragones Barrel Blend is priced at $150 per bottle and is currently on sale in select U.S. and Mexican markets.

In 2009, Casa Dragones launched Joven, a Tequila crafted especially for sipping and pairing with food. Casa Dragones Blanco premiered in 2014 as a pure silver tequila made to enjoy on the rocks or in signature cocktails.

All of Casa Dragones’ tequilas are handcrafted with a modern, sustainable process of elaboration using lowland agaves and spring water emanating from the headwaters of the Volcano of Tequila.