The Rock Unveils Teremana Añejo

Teremana Añejo

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has unveiled the latest addition to his tequila range, Teremana Añejo. The new expression from the wrestler-turned-actor’s brand is set to hit shelves in October.

Johnson wrote, “I’m so grateful (and proud) to finally reveal to you for the first time ever ~ the long awaited and new GOLD STANDARD of ultra-premium tequila, the official @TEREMANA ANEJO TEQUILA!

“Made the right way – with respect and mana, it’s an honor to announce that Teremana Anejo will be officially rolling out THIS OCTOBER!!!

“Thank you for waiting so patiently to taste the Teremana Añejo! My master distiller team and I feel our Anejo is finally aged to perfection and now resting in our Teremana Distillery Barrel House in Mexico ready to be bottled up and delivered straight to you!“

“Get ready because our Teremana Añejo delivers delicious notes of rich warm oak and vanilla with a lightly sweet and complex finish,” he added. “It’s made only with fully mature Highlands agave, roasted in our traditional brick ovens, distilled in our handmade copper pot stills and aged in our American whiskey barrels.

“Using the same small batch process as our blanco and reposado, the making of our añejo is all by hand – even down to the final step of the deep black, hand-dipped wax finish.”

The Rock released Teremana Tequila in November 2019 and in February 2021 announced it was targeting one million case sales. Currently, the brand has Teremana Blanco ($29.99 per 750ml bottle) and Teremana Reposado ($32.99 per 750ml). Both expressions are bottled at 40% ABV and come in three bottle sizes: 375ml, 750ml and one litre.

In July, Teremana announced The Great American Mana Mobile Road Trip. Inspired by The Rock’s phrase “MANA. GRATITUDE. TEQUILA.”, the Mana Mobile is currently traveling the country, visiting towns, communities, and cities to “Bring the Mana.”

For more information, head over Teremana’s official website.