The Glenlivet Heads To Hong Kong To Release Cocktail Capsule Collection


Single-malt whisky brand The Glenlivet has introduced the Cocktail Capsule Collection in Hong Kong. With four unique flavours, the innovation promises to bring a whole new cocktail experience to the market.

First debuted in October 2019 in London, Hong Kong is the first city in Asia to receive this unprecedented and limited cocktail capsule collection. 

With one eye on environmentalism, the capsules are very sustainable. Made using a combination of algae extracts sourced from the sea in Brittany, France, drinkers can consider themselves to be doing their bit to help the climate crisis. 

Completely vegan-friendly and gluten-free, chewy in terms of texture and is slightly sweet, resembling the character of cassava. The capsules are fully edible, each with a shot of cocktail and no glasses are needed as consumers can just pop them in mouth. 

The Glenlivet hopes to lead consumers, and the market toward a new way of drinking with a more convenient and mobile-friendly method to enjoy quality cocktail, anytime anywhere, and always at their convenience.

The cocktail capsules come in 4 flavours: The Glenlivet Sour, Paloma, Scottish Coffee and The Last King. All made and modified based on the cocktail flavours of preference amongst Hong Kong people. 

The Glenlivet Sour is a remake of the classic Whisky Sour using The Glenlivet 12 YO Excellence, and promises to be must-taste for single malt whisky lovers, a lasting tangy aroma sits above the mellow flavor. 

The  Paloma, is a citrusy cocktail heavily infused with grapefruit extract, enhancing its vinegary taste, and promising to be a stimulating introduction to your taste-buds. 

Scottish Coffee is a simple twist of the Irish Coffee.

The Last King is a pineapple flavoured cocktail which is a refreshing, tropical blend and the perfect cocktail for hazy summer afternoons. 

To address the Capsule Collection’s grand launch, The Glenlivet is collaborating with an array of local bars and coffee shops for the promotion in launching The Glenlivet Whisky flight. 

The whisky flight will start with a whisky shot, followed by a whisky cocktail and a cocktail capsule. While enjoying the single malt cocktail capsules, consumers will also get to learn more about the brand and the evolution of whisky consumption over the years.

For more information, head over to the Glenlivet official website.

In December, The Glenlivet launched its 12 Year Old Illicit Still Whisky. The new offering from the Speyside distillery is the first in a series of limited-edition whiskies known as “The Original Stories” range, which celebrates “the brand’s passion and originality.”