The 2020 Flaviar Whiskies Of The World Advent Calendar Is Available For Preorder

2020 Flaviar Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar

We’re in the final stretch of 2020–at least that’s what retailers are telling us–and as such Flaviar has unveiled their 2020 Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar. Let’s face it, this has been a challenging year and we all need something to look forward to, so why not make it Whisk(e)y.

Last year, Flaviar released its first Whiskies of the World Our Advent Calendar and it sold out before the end of September, which means, if you’re interested, you should probably go ahead and order now. And if you’re not a Whisky fan, then it might make an excellent gift for the spirits lover in your life.

The calendar comes with 24 vials, each holding 1.7 oz of premium Whisk(e)y from places like Scotland, Canada, Israel, and India; a Flaviar Glencairn glass, plus artwork and flavor notes for each drink. Think of it as your essential equipment that’ll guide you through the world of Whisky. 

The real fun is in getting to try a new Whisk(e)y each day and learning what kind of Whiskies you truly enjoy. That it also comes with a book filled with tasting notes to help you understand the elements inside every bottle is just icing on the cake, not to mention the Glencairn Whisky glass, which every burgeoning Whisky connoisseur needs in their cupboard. 

The 2020 Flaviar Whiskies of the World Advent Calendar is currently available for preorder for $225 or you can reserve it now and pay the full $250 price later (to be exact, you put down $75 now and pay the rest before the calendar is shipped out). They’re scheduled to ship out in early November, so hopefully that means you’ll get it in plenty of time to enjoy the spoils. If there’s a year when we need a variety of Whiskies just to make it till the end, it’s certainly this one. You can order yours here.