Tequila Komos Unveils Anejo Cristalino Aged in Wine Barrels

Tequila Komos Anejo Cristalino

Tequila Komos has unveiled an Anejo Cristalino that has been aged in white wine barrels. The Tequila brand comes from Master Sommelier Richard Betts, who previously founded wine labels Betts & Scholl and Scarpetta as well as Sombra Mezcal, and entrepreneur Joe Marchese.

Motivated by the lack of quality Tequila in Europe, Betts and Marchese founded the Casa Komos Beverage Group. Tequila Komos Anejo Cristalino is the brand’s first offering. They source their agave from Jalisco and roast in old-fashioned stone ovens that sit on the side of Tequila Volcano in Mexico. Indigenous yeasts are used to ferment the juice, which is then twice distilled in copper stills, creating a Blanco. From there, the Blanco matures for 12 months in French oak white wine barrels. Then, the Anejo is dripped through a charcoal column, creating a Cristalino. Next, they place the liquid in Greek amphorae, which are used to aerate the Tequila. Finally, the finished product is decanted into handmade vitrified porcelain bottles from Mexico 

The Tequila offers notes of agave along hints of vanilla and spice from the French oak, according to Robb Report. “The balance is exquisite and Komos is at once rich, full and luxurious, yet light on its feet and a joy to drink,” says Betts.

Tequila Komos Anejo Cristalino should be enjoyed straight or on the rocks with a splash of soda water.

Tequila Komos is priced at $119 and you can head over to the official site to reserve one of the first bottles. 

Over the last several years, the European market has been welcoming agave spirits with open arms. Earlier this month, David de Rothschild and Thor Björgólfsson launched The Lost Explorer Mezcal.

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