Tenjaku Pure Malt Japanese Whisky Arriving In The United States

Tenjaku Pure Malt

Tenjaku Pure Malt Japanese Whisky is set to join the lineup of Tenjaku Whiskies available in the United States. The emerging brand of Japanese Whiskies launched in U.S. markets last year.

Tenjaku Pure Malt is a blend of 100% aged Malt Whiskies that go through double copper pot distillation. It is then blended to perfection by Tenjaku Master Distiller Kenji Watanabe. Once the distillation and blending processes are complete, the Whisky is then aged in heavily used Bourbon barrels for up to six years to allow the flavors to mature. As a result, Tenjaku Pure Malt carries a slightly nutty taste with hints of green apples and herbs, finishing with a subtly smoky vanilla and woody tone.

The launch of Tenjaku Pure Malt follows on the heels of a successful first year in the United States for Tenjaku Whisky. The original blend has kept pace with a demanding market for Japanese Whisky, delivering the high quality and drinkability expected from the category. Tenjaku Whisky is currently available in over 40 states in the U.S. and continues to expand. It is imported by MHW, Ltd. headquartered in Manhasset, New York.

“MHW is proud to be serving as the importer for Tenjaku and participating in such a successful brand launch in 2020,” said MHW President & Founder John Beaudette. “It’s a testament to not only matching a high quality product to consumer demand, but also the speed and care in which the distributors and retailers addressed and responded to the consumers’ wishes. The launch of Pure Malt is another step for Tenjaku in its mission to share smooth, premium Japanese whisky with whiskey lovers all over the US.”

In other Japanese Whisky news, earlier this week Dekanta unveiled the Karuizawa Budō Collection, a trio of private label bottlings of rare Karuizawa 35 Year Old (1981 – 2017) Whisky, featuring hand-painted street art inspired by Japanese modern martial arts. The new collection from the specialist retailer of rare and fine Japanese Whisky will cost $45,000 USD.