Talisker Partners With Loch Fyne Oysters To Support Coastal Communities Via Fishermen’s Mission

Talisker - Loch Fyne Oysters - Fishermen’s Mission - Oyster Pairing Kit

Talisker has joined forces with Loch Fyne Oysters to support coastal communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by raising funds for The Fishermen’s Mission, a charity which provides practical and financial support to coastal fishing communities across Britain.

As part of the campaign, the Isle of Skye distillery has created the Talisker & Oyster Signature Pairing Kit, which is available for purchase through Loch Fyne Oysters’ official website. The kit consists of two Talisker 50ml bottles and a dozen oysters. 

For every image of the pairing kit shared on social media with the hashtag #ShuckTogether, Talisker will pledge £1 (US$1.30) to The Fishermen’s Mission.

Ali Godfrey, director of business development at the charity, said: “The Fishermen’s Mission is the only charity that works with active and retired fishermen and their families in and around the UK coastline. This has been a desperately hard year for our fishermen. Winter storms battered the coast in the first three months, which made fishing almost impossible for the smaller boats.

“Covid-19 meant the collapse of the supply chain for UK fish with the closure of fish markets, restaurants and cafés. During the first three months of this crisis we distributed more £250,000 (US$329,000) in emergency support.

“Not only is this partnership offering vital financial support, but just as importantly, it is spreading the word far and wide that The Fishermen’s Mission is here to help, whatever the problem. Reaching out to all fishermen working in the UK, including those who are working in the water in the aquaculture sector.”

“We are delighted to be working with Loch Fyne Oysters, whose rich Scottish heritage and passion for supporting local communities, mirrors our own,” said Nick Moore, UK brand manager for Talisker.

“We have always known that Talisker pairs brilliantly with oysters, but we are thrilled to be able to bring this ritual to people’s homes whilst being able to support the fantastic work of The Fishermen’s Mission in supporting the recovery of coastal communities across the UK through these challenging times.”

Last week, Talisker announced a partnership with Billion Oyster Project to support the non profit organization’s Shell Collection Program. The Isle of Skye distillery is working with the New York City-based oyster reef restoration and public education operation in an effort to prevent oyster shells from ending up in landfills and instead using them to build oyster reef habitat.