Talisker And Billion Oyster Project Announce Second-Year Partnership

Talisker Billion Oyster

Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky and New York City nonprofit Billion Oyster Project have announced the extension of their partnership into 2021, marking a second year of collaboration on oyster reef restoration efforts and public education initiatives aimed at restoring one billion oysters to New York Harbor by 2035.

Talisker is the lead sponsor of Billion Oyster Project’s Shell Collection Program, a cornerstone of the nonprofit’s work and an essential recycling process for the resource. Oyster shells provide the base material for oyster reefs, which offer a home for young oysters to grow and hundreds of species in New York Harbor to thrive. Talisker will support Billion Oyster Project’s ongoing shell collection operations, which are expected to collect more than 200,000 pounds of oyster shells from 50 NYC restaurants and divert them from landfills in 2021.

Talkisker and oysters

This year, Talisker is also joining Billion Oyster Project in supporting Senate Bill S4741 in New York State. If passed, the bill will award restaurants that donate shells to oyster reef restoration organizations a small tax credit per pound of shell donated. In addition to supporting this crucial environmental initiative, the tax credit will help restaurants who have struggled due to closures and restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill is currently being considered by state legislators, so Talisker and Billion Oyster Project urge you to click here to take a few simple steps to support the bill before the State Senate enters recess on June 10.

Talisker is honored to continue partnering with Billion Oyster Project for a second year to preserve the oceans, an essential resource for both bivalves and its whisky, and provide support for local NYC restaurants.

During the partnership’s inaugural year – and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic – Talisker supported Billion Oyster Project in:

  • Collecting 120,000 shells from more than 30 operating bars and restaurants in NYC
    • *Billion Oyster Project’s Shell Collection Program was temporarily suspended from March – August 2020
  • Educating over 14,000 members via digital newsletters and social content 
  • Co-hosting 7 consumer events – including virtual experiences following nationwide social-distancing guidelines  
  • Introducing a new, co-branded Shell Collection Program truck

“The entire Talisker team is honored to renew and deepen our partnership with Billion Oyster Project for a second year knowing we’ve made a tangible impact on New York City’s oyster reefs,” says Jamie Young, Director of Single Malts for Diageo North America. “Every day, our whisky is influenced by the vast ocean that surrounds us on the Isle of Skye, much like the oysters living in New York Harbor. The sea forms an important part of who we are, and we believe it is our goal to encourage people to embrace the exhilaration of the ocean whilst awakening a desire to protect and restore it for future generations in any way they can.” 

“Thanks to New Yorkers’ love for oysters, shells are plentiful, but sorting, collecting, transporting and storing this valuable resource takes significant effort,” said Pete Malinowski, Executive Director of Billion Oyster Project. “Continued support from Talisker will enable us to rebuild our shell collection program, restore more oyster reefs, and engage more restaurants and community members in creating a healthier Harbor for all New Yorkers to enjoy. We’re grateful for their ongoing commitment to our work.” 

With the help of volunteers and partners since 2014, Billion Oyster Project has:

  • Collected over 1,600,000 pounds of used oyster shells
  • Planted more than 47,000,000 oysters in New York City waters 
  • Engaged more than 10,000 volunteers across various community projects 
  • Installed 15 oyster reefs across more than 12 acres

To learn more about Billion Oyster Project, head over to the official website.