Takamaka Rum Reveals New Look, Launches Seychelles Series In Europe

Takamaka Seychelles Series

Seychelles rum brand Takamaka is launching a brand-new look and is bringing its “Seychelles Series” to Europe. Made up of five rums, the Seychelles Series will be available to the on-trade in July, and online and in stores by August 2021. The new bottle and brand assets have been designed to capture the unique identity of Takamaka, and its Indian Ocean origin, as the brand increases its international distribution.

Takamaka tasked brand design agency Pearlfisher with the redesign of Takamaka’s visual identity including the bottles, digital assets and brand merchandise. The fresh new look hinges around the flag of the Seychelles, which is made up of five segments that each carry their own distinctive meaning. 

Takamaka Seychelles Series vert

Takamaka has not only mirrored the shape of these segments on its label, but also anchored different meanings to each segment, with the flag’s colours also making appearances on various parts of the bottles. The new branding has been designed to appeal to the on-trade and consumers alike.

The Seychelles Series is made up of five rums: Rum Blanc, Dark Spiced, Zannannan (Pineapple), Koko (Coconut), and Overproof. Distilled from molasses in a continuous column still and diluted with natural spring water from Takamaka’s water source in the Seychelles National Park, the Seychelles Series is a “true expression of the tropical island paradise that is the Seychelles,” says the brand.

Rum Blanc is distilled up to 94% ABV and then diluted to bottling strength. The Dark Spiced, Koko and Zannannan build onto the soft, creamy character of Rum Blanc through the addition of natural essences such as ripe pineapple, coconut, vanilla, and tropical spices. The 69% ABV Overproof captures the true, raw character of the classic Rum Blanc by adding less water during dilution, resulting in a powerful punch with spicy, warming notes, undertones of citrus and vanilla, and hints of banana and grass.

The redesign and launch of the Seychelles Series into key markets comes as the brand is undergoing major growth plans. Having expanded the distillery last year, Takamaka now has the first molasses distillery in the Seychelles having installed a brand-new column still allowing them to produce over 200,000L of high strength rum per year. The cane distillery has also been upgraded with two new pot stills, with the aim to produce more than 4,500 litres a year. The brand is also now listed on its home stock exchange and is planning a capital raise within the next year to drive further export.

Takamaka will be available to the on-trade from July and will be available for consumers to purchase by August.

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

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