SpiritedZine 2020 Canned Cocktail Awards

SpiritedZine Canned Cocktails Awards 2020

While 2020 has been a year of changes and challenges for all, Canned Cocktails have managed to propel themselves into the global spotlight. Whether you’re looking at the quality of the offerings or the sheer quantity available, this past year has seen the bar raised to another level. With that in mind, SpiritedZine began putting together its first ever Canned Cocktail Awards.

Over 100 canned cocktails from across the globe took part in the inaugural SpiritedZine Canned Cocktail Awards. The field was varied with RTD offerings featuring spirit bases of Vodka, Gin, Tequila, and Whiskey, all of which delivered quality and innovation. The drinks were broken up by spirit base with Vodka and Tequila being the two most competitive fields, and Whiskey showing the most variety when it comes to ABV. Four judges taste through every canned cocktail at least twice.

Unlike other spirits competitions, the SpiritedZine Canned Cocktail Awards only gives out four medals per category: one Double gold, one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze. We also gave out awards for Best Can Design, Best Producer, Most Innovative Canned Cocktail, and Best Canned Cocktail (our top overall award).

Without further ado, here are the winners of the first annual SpiritedZine 2020 Canned Cocktail Awards:


Spirited Zine 2020 Canned Cocktail Awards Best Tequila

Double Gold: Two Chicks Sparkling Paloma

Gold: Jose Cuervo Playamar Grapefruit

Silver: Two Chicks Citrus Margarita

Bronze: Jose Cuervo Playamar Lime


SpiritedZine Canned Cockail Awards 2020 Best Whiskey

Double Gold: Slow & Low Rock and Rye Can

Gold: LiveWire Golden God

Silver: Two Chicks Sparkling New Fashioned

Bronze: Siponey Royale


SpiritedZine Canned Cocktail Awards 2020 Best Gin

Double Gold: Opihr Gin & Tonic With A Twist Of Orange

Gold: LiveWire Honeydew Collins

Silver: Opihr Gin & Tonic With A Dash Of Ginger

Bronze: Social Hour Gin & Tonic


SpiritedZine Canned Cocktail Awards Best Vodka Canned Cocktails

Double Gold: Cardinal Spirits Maui Mule

Gold: Two Chicks Sparkling Vodka Fizz

Silver: LiveWire Heartbreaker

Bronze: Cardinal Spirits Bramble Mule

Best Can Design

Onda Lime Best Can Design

Onda Lime

Best Producer

SpiritedZine 2020 Canned Cocktail Awards Best Producer

Two Chicks Cocktails & LiveWire

Most Innovative Canned Cocktail

Slow and low rock and rye double winner

Slow & Low Rock And Rye Can

Best Canned Cocktail

Opihr Orange Double Winner

Opihr Gin & Tonic With A Twist Of Orange