Songbird Cafe

songbird cafe

Serving coffee by day and elegant cocktails by night, Songbird Cafe offers something for everyone. It is its adult drink offerings, however, that make it unique in Chinatown’s blooming nightlife scene. Located in Blossom Plaza next to LA Wine, the bar is hidden down a hallway from its daytime counterpart. They offer live music multiple times per week and put care into preparation and presentation when it comes to their offerings.

The interior is dark and spacious, lit by large lanterns hovering over the bar. There is plenty of seating available throughout and a centrally located dancefloor means energy flows easily throughout the space. The walls are covered in framed blank pieces of art and it seems a world away from the bustling city outside.

The cocktail program focuses on bitters and amari, making the creations on offer far from your usual G&T or Martini. Drinks names are modern and playful, making the spaces apt for a first date, but the quality of the beverages poured makes it worth repeat visits. Those looking for something dark a smoky will do well to order the Second Hand Smoke (Sacred Bond Brandy, Averna, Antica, bitters, applewood smoke. Served on the rocks). While those looking for something a bit lighter, but with plenty of fire, will be happy with the bar’s namesake cocktail. Broker’s Gin, grapefruit, grenadine, and atomized rose come together to form something that is warm, round, and a touch sweet.

Songbird Cafe delivers well-crafted cocktails in a beautiful space. The bar’s concentration on amari and bitters makes it unique among the other bars that have recently popped up in Downtown Los Angeles’ Chinatown. The speakeasy feel is nothing new to L.A., but Songbird delivers a space all its own that is wild as it precise.

songbird cafe songbird cocktail

Find It Here:
900 N Broadway #1050
Los Angeles, CA 90012