Smoke Lab Vodka Arrives In United States And Singapore

Smoke Lab Vodka

Smoke Lab Vodka is coming to the United States and Singapore. The Indian homegrown premium Vodka will first hit shelves in New York, New Jersey, and California, with plans to reach stores across the nation in 2021.  The brand is also currently available at some of Singapore’s top cocktail bars, including The Elephant Room, Sago House, and Lime House Caribbean.

Smoke Lab Vodka is a homegrown, small batch, hand-crafted Vodka range that has been

expanding in the Indian market since last year. Made from grains of Basmati rice sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, the spirit undergoes a 5x distillation using ultra modern charcoal filtration for an ultra pure spirit that is completely gluten-free and vegan. The Classic variant is intense and complex with a smooth finish and bold flavor hitting the nose with fresh nutty aromas and subtle hints of citrus fruits. The Aniseed flavor, meanwhile, features a delicate mix of fennel and liquorice notes for a creamy and sweet palate, making it a playful exploration of an Indian household herb, the ‘saunf’.

“This foray into the American market is a testament that we have the means and will to produce premium vodka in India, and the product is at par with any of the best quality vodkas that is available in the world right now,” said Varun Jain, the founder and CEO of Smoke Lab and heir to NV Distilleries. “We want to put India on a global spirits map and this is a step in that direction. We want to bring quality Indian-ness of the product to this industry and bring much loved Indian flavours to vodka drinkers around the world.”

The Vodka is produced in state of the art distilleries with a zero waste facility and zero carbon footprint, showing a commitment to sustainability and effective eco-friendly practices. The feat is achieved by carbon offsetting and eliminating all emissions altogether. One of the facilities houses a CO2 manufacturing unit that supplies dry ice to a spectrum of industries whilst offsetting any carbon emissions. The distilleries produce their own renewable energy meeting all of their energy demands while ensuring that water is always reused and never wasted.

Both Smoke Classic and Smoke Aniseed are bottled at 42.8% ABV and are set to cost $19.99 per bottle.