SKYY Vodka Unveils New Recipe And Redesigned Bottle

SKYY Vodka New Recipe bottle

SKYY Vodka has unveiled a new recipe for its iconic clear spirit, along with a redesigned bottle. While the original vodka was created to make the perfect martini, the new offering is designed for a generation of drinkers “who gravitate towards soda water as their go-to mixer.” 

In formulating the new recipe, SKYY explored naturally occurring elements found in the coastal waters surrounding San Francisco, and discovered “the unique quality that water enriched with minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area could bring to vodka,” said the brand. These minerals impart a subtle salinity and minerality to the liquid, and look to enhance the mouthfeel and fresh taste of a vodka + soda.

To achieve the final product, SKYY brought together a diverse collective of experts, including chemists, professional bartenders, and a water sommelier. The result is a liquid that is fresh and clean on the nose with a hint of fruit and toasted grain, coupled with a clean, smooth taste on the palate – all designed to pair with soda water and a grapefruit twist – SKYY’s signature pour. The refreshed liquid has already been awarded a Gold Medal/90 Points rating from the Beverage Testing Institute.

“In the vodka world, filtration reigns supreme. But we think that what defines a premium liquid experience isn’t what you take out of it, it’s what you put into it,” said Andrea Sengara, vice president of marketing of Campari America. “Inspired by the pure, clean and refreshing essence of the Pacific, SKYY Vodka is proud to return to its roots by challenging category norms to stand out in a sea of sameness.”

SKYY’s refreshed packaging design is also inspired by the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area. The new bottle is a lighter, more natural blue tone, with ripples and ridges that reflect the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The fresh and vibrant new pack also includes a modernized, restyled white logo.
SKYY Vodka is available at retailers nationwide for $12.99 per 750 ml bottle. For more information, check out the Skyy official website.