Silent Pool Distillers Launch Colorado High CBD Gin

Silent Pool Colorado High CBD Gin Mountain view

Silent Pool Distillers have launched a new CBD Gin dubbed, “Colorado High.” The name comes from the “epic altitude of the Colorado Rockies where [they] source [their] CBD.” The goal is to create “the highest quality CBD gin on the market.”

CBD has natural therapeutic properties that deliver a deeply enjoyable sense of balance, calm and well-being with every sip. The flavor, meanwhile, is slightly bitter, similar to grapefruit. Each bottle contains a generous 200mg of the finest quality Coloradan CBD – sufficient to produce a noticeable therapeutic effect with every serve. This sets Silent Pool Colorado High Gin apart from other CBD spirits that typically include a much lower, and thus far less effective, quantity.

According to the distillery, most of the CBD gins contain only about 10mg of CBD per bottle, which isn’t high enough to produce an effect. Silent Pool’s co-founder, Ian McCulloch, says the company “chose to partner with Green Stem because we wanted to add a high-quality, gimmick-free product to the CBD drinks market, and we’re proud to say we’ve achieved that.”.

“The cloudiness of any CBD product is the best way to recognise the potency of the dosage. Many brands that claim to have CBD in their products only use minuscule amounts, rendering its effect void. Consumers should always check the dosage on the bottle and the cloudiness of the liquid to know they are getting a high-quality product,” explained Simon Horth, co-founder of Green Stem, in a statement.

Silent Pool recommends combining 50ml Silent Pool Colorado High Gin, 200ml Indian Fever-Tree Tonic and ice, and garnishing with a slice of grapefruit to make an ultimate chill-out G&T drinking experience–one you might soon forget.

Silent Pool Colorado High CBD Gin is priced at £50.00 (US$62.00) for a 50cl bottle. Silent Pool Gin was launched in 2014 on the Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills, by Ian McCulloch and James Shelbourne.