Shit The Bed Vodka Is Here To Spice Up Your Bloody Mary

Shit The Bed Vodka

Shit the Bed Vodka is the latest creation from Perth, Australia-based hot sauce maker Renae Bunster, owner of Bunsters. Known for their four spicy spreads (Hot Sauce, Black Label, Posh BBQ, and, of course, Shit the Bed), they’re now expanding into the spirits world.

The impetus behind the Vodka’s creation was the coronavirus crisis caused lockdown. “When I was stuck at home with my kids during the COVID lockdowns I was drinking a lot of Bloody Marys,” explained Renae. “The vodka got me thinking – how can I make these drinks even faster? The result is amazing. All the heat and flavour of Shit the Bed infused into vodka. It’s unreal.”

While no reviews are out there on Shit the Bed Vodka at this time, word on the street says it really does make one of the best bloody marys around. Which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the Shit the Bed hot sauce regularly tops Amazon’s highest selling hot sauce section in both Australia and the United States.

The infused Vodka is made specifically to ease the cocktail creation process, so we imagine that you’ll just need a splash of tomato sauce, a celery stick, and possibly some pipin’ hot bacon, if you’re feeling fancy, and you’ll be good to go. It’s pretty much the perfect morning partner for a pesky hangover that only will be cured by a little hair of the dog, and that’s something most of us could certainly use.

Made out of grain alcohol (wheat, barley, and filtered water), scorpion chilli, oranges, limes, goji berries, and garlic, Shit the Bed Vodka comes in at 40% ABV and a 500ml bottle $70 AUD ($50 USD).

The Vodka is currently available to order in Australia, where it is expected to ship in September or October. For those outside the Land Down Under, you can preorder it from this link.