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Lima’s Sastreria Martinez Unveils New Cocktail Menu, Collection 24/25

Sastreria Martinez Collection 24/25 cocktail menu lima

Sastreria Martinez in Lima has launched Collection 24/25, a new cocktail menu the celebrates Peruvian produce through a mix of classic and unique serves

Lima speakeasy Sastreria Martinez has unveiled a new cocktail menu, Collection 24/25. The new drinks list mixes familiar classics and creative twists, looking to inspire imbibers from across the globe.

Created by bar owner Diego Macedo and his team, the Sastreria Martinez Collection 24/25 boasts 18 signature serves and looks to lead visitors through a discovery of local Peruvian flavors. The drinks celebrate the region through the use of local produce and have been developed over the past year.

The new menu features over 30 different types of native fruits as well as a selection of aromatic herbs from all corners of the country. The bar’s “laboratory” developed various new distillates, tinctures, and cordials to showcase Peruvian flavors throughout each cocktail.


Two cocktails which have featured on each of Sastreria Martinez’s menus with new developments this year are the Mr Martinez and Mrs Martinez; the Mr Martinez is a bright and punchy aperitivo style cocktail with gentle fruit tones and a base of Ron Zacapa 23. It uses Papaya Arequipeña, a Peruvian fruit that grows at Arequipa with a juicy and slightly sour pulp. In contrast, Mrs Martinez is a long refreshing highball, made with Chivas, tamarind ,and two fruits from the Peruvian jungle, taperibá, an acidic fruit with flavours akin to mango, and lemon mandarin.

The Ledesma celebrates the grape in the style of a sour – made with Pisco Barsol, Pedro Ximenez, mistela, Amazonian burgundy grape and lacto-fermented grape. For a spirit forward cocktail, guests can enjoy the Bootlegger, which–alongside Peruvian Gin Intira–is made with a cordial of orange and yacon, a root from Peru that is similar to cassava but sweeter in flavor. The Booze Plane is made with 1615 Pisco, Peruvian black corn chicha morada with pears infused in Matacuy, and lacto-fermented camu camu, a fruit from the jungle which has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange.

The menu’s “Unsewing” section hosts a selection of alcohol-free cocktails and includes a 0.0% ABV Amaretto Sour, Smoked Negroni and Americano. Alongside the new creations, the drinks list also includes a selection of popular favorites from over the years and classic cocktails.

An array of bar snacks complement the Sastreria Martinez cocktail menu. This year’s dishes include Cochinillo, a suckling pig with loche and sweet potato; Shrimp Tartare; Truffled Duck Spring Rolls; and Campari & Red Berries Panna Cotta, made with Campari 0.0%; along with a variety of others.

For more information or to make a reservation, head over to the bar’s official website.