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Russian Standard Original

Russian Standard Original Vodka

Inspired by one of Russia’s foremost scientists, Dmitri Mendeleev, Russian Standard Original is the most popular spirit from the premium Vodka brand. It’s a clear liquor that’s representative of its home, St. Petersburg, and uses the city’s surrounding geography to create a unique product.

Made from winter wheat grown in the rich black soil of the Russian Steppes and the glacial waters of Lake Ladoga, Russian Standard Original is a Vodka of place. Lake Ladoga is known for its water, which features few impurities, and features a vast granite basin, heling to preserve the water’s softness. Those natural ingredients pass through one of the world’s most state-of-the art distilleries, where the spirit go through a proprietary distillation process more than 200 times

On the nose, there are gentle toasted notes along with a touch of sweetness. These extend onto the palate, where its met with a Wheat Thin flavor. The finish is clean and slick with a slight alcohol burn. For a Vodka, it is not intensely spicy or flavored, but it still possesses enough taste to make it unique.

It’s a great Vodka for shooting or sipping, but also works well in a cocktail. If you’re looking to shake something up, the company recommends the Tolstoy Tang:

Tolstoy Tang Cocktail

Tolstoy Tang

  • 60ml Russian Standard Original
  • 35ml Lemon juice
  • 85ml Lemonade

Pour all ingredients into a shaker, shake, and pour into an old-fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon.


In 1998, Roustam Tariko founded Russian Standard Vodka. The company quickly grew to one of the top premium Vodka brands in Russia and two years later hit the international market. Russian Standard also produces higher-end Platinum and Imperia varieties and is available in over 80 markets across the globe.

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