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Rum’s In Fashion: Zacapa And Designer Raul Lopez Made A Handbag To Carry Around Rum And Accessories

Zacapa y Luar Collaboration Collection - Rum Handbag

Guatemalan rum makers Ron Zacapa and the designer behind the Luar label, Raul Lopez, have come together to create a handbag that carries everything one needs for a fashionable day of rum sipping. 

Ron Zacapa has partnered with fashion designer Raul Lopez to create a limited-edition handbag that fits everything you need for a day of rum sipping while remaining fashionable. The kit draws inspiration from Luar’s Ana bag and includes the rum brand’s Zacapa XO as well as a variety of accessories. 

A blend of rums aged 10 – 25 years, Zacapa XO is crafted with hand-selected barrels and finished in French oak casks. This limited-edition collection finds the rum complemented by a curated selection of accessories, including a custom shaker, cocktail spoon, linen cocktail napkins, leather, and Petate woven coasters, and glassware. Accompanying this ensemble is a glass decanter, enveloped in Luar’s signature leather and Petate sleeve.

Zacapa y Luar Collaboration Collection - Rum Handbag

“I’m beyond excited to introduce this incredible collection, a true game-changer for those moments we gather to celebrate in style,” shares Raul Lopez. “Collaborating with Zacapa has been an enriching experience, a celebration of our shared Latino heritage and a tribute to the roots that ground us. The craftsmanship of the incredible women of the Petate weaving communities fills me with immense respect. It’s an honor to weave their craft into my designs. Knowing that Zacapa supports over 700 female artisans in this tradition makes me incredibly proud to highlight their beautiful work in our collaboration.”

Sam Salameh, Vice President of Zacapa at Diageo North America, adds, “Zacapa is thrilled to join forces with Raul Lopez of Luar, celebrating a partnership that beautifully bridges the worlds of luxury spirits and fashion. This collaboration is more than just a limited-edition collection; it’s a vibrant celebration of heritage, innovation, and a shared vision that captivates and inspires.”

The collaboration looks to celebrate Latin American communities and women. Launching ahead of Día de las Madres, it pays tribute to the women who have shaped Lopez’s career and contributed to Zacapa’s heritage. The roots of the release stem back to Lorena Vásquez, Zacapa’’s Master Blender, who stands as a pioneering figure in the male-dominated world of spirits.

“Every time I hold a bottle of Zacapa, I’m filled with pride, inspired by the extraordinary skill and spirit of the Petate weavers whose artistry stands as the icon of our brand, uniting us in our Guatemalan roots,” says Vásquez. “For these remarkable women, the art of Petate weaving is a profound source of empowerment, allowing them to sustain and cultivate brighter futures for their families and community. In partnership, we blend their stories of tradition and mastery into every drop of Zacapa, making each sip a homage to the rich tapestry of our country’s culture.” 

This collaboration follows Zacapa’s recognition of Raul Lopez. The brand honored Lopez with the first-of-its-kind, ‘Visionary of the Year’ award at the 2023 Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) in Miami, Florida. 

In the end, the Día de las Madres kit is for a good cause as Zacapa will donate a portion of the proceeds of the collaboration to the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC). NALAC’s dedication to supporting Latino artists and artisans resonates deeply with Zacapa’s commitment to uplifting Guatemalan communities through the art of Petate weaving and the craftsmanship of Raul Lopez.

In celebration of Dia de Las Madres on May 10th, Zacapa will present The Zacapa Orchid Shop at Lume Studios (93 Broadway, New York, NY 10013) in Tribeca. There, visitors can experience an exclusive first look at the Zacapa y Luar Collaboration Collection and an appearance from Raul Lopez himself. It will be open to the public and guests can look forward to discovering a one-stop-shop of gifts tailored to celebrating mothers, all while savoring Zacapa XO as they explore the one-of-a-kind destination.

A limited quantity of the complete Zacapa y Luar Collaboration Collection will be available online through the e-commerce retailer, ReserveBar.

In October, the Guatemalan Rum makers unveiled the final addition to its Heavenly Cask Collection, La Pasión – The Passion Cask.