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Rosebank Restarts Production 30 Years After Shuttering

Rosebank Restarts Production

Thirty years after being shuttered, Rosebank Distillery has officially restarted production and cask no. 001 is now maturing. The new spirit is maturing in a refill bourbon barrel, whose future profile should be reminiscent of the original’s signature flavor profile. Since 2019, Ian Macleod Distillers has been restoring the Falkirk-based distillery from the ground up at its original location. 

The new distillery has retained the format of the original production plant. Blueprints of the original stills were found and used to recreate the shape and characteristics of those from the original distillery. New worm tub condensers have been installed replacing the original ones. They impart a special element of the Rosebank distillation process and yield a heavier style of spirit as there is less copper contact during vapor condensation. The landmark chimney has been repaired and centers the distillery site.  

From 2024, the distillery will offer a visitor experience for Rosebank fans around the world, with the finishing touches being applied to a series of spaces across the historic site. The final key element of the last part of the build is a two-storey car park ensuring the local community are shielded from visitor parking needs. The car park could allow more than 50,000 whisky visitors to visit the attraction each year.

“We’ve known all along the magic and majesty that Rosebank retains, and you can really feel this come to life as we start up production once again and fill the first cask with the new Rosebank Spirit, Cask No. 001,” said Malcolm Rennie, Distillery Manager at Rosebank. “We’ve assembled a fantastic distillery team and there is excitement among us all as we complete our first distillation runs. This is the first Rosebank spirit to be distilled in more than 30 years, so it’s an absolute honor to oversee the moment, and play a part in returning this once whisky giant to its former glory.”

For more information, head over to the distillery’s official website.

Last August, the distillery launched a 31-year-old whisky to prepare whisky lovers for the return of the famed Scotch.