Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits Launches New Bottles

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits Bottles

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits has launched new bottles for its products. The redesigned Single Estate Gin and Vodka bottles from the Wiltshire-based brand will be available in Waitrose’s 230 stores and on the official website beginning February 1, 2021.

Created by design agency Stranger & Stranger, the new bottles feature unique coordinates showing the exact location where the grain was grown on the Ramsbury Estate to make the single estate spirits. They are made with 100% recyclable tinted glass, using a light color palette.

“At Ramsbury we pride ourselves in combining tradition and innovation in pursuit of perfection when it comes to crafting our spirits, and our new design embodies this ethos too,” said Louisa Makin, UK country manager at Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits. “We love the inclusion of the illustrations of the Ramsbury fields, which are cleverly applied to the inside of the lower labels to showcase the origin of the liquid and bring our closed-loop production process to life.

“As well as the new bottle, expanding our listing at Waitrose in store and online represents a significant milestone for Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits and we’re incredibly excited for its launch. It’s a source of great pride for us as it demonstrates that there is a continued consumer demand for quality, sustainable spirits and we can’t wait for new consumers to discover Ramsbury.”

Stranger & Stranger stated, “New hidden details on the pack include maps of the estate, which emphasise the field coordinates where the winter wheat is grown, aiding the Ramsbury Single Estate storytelling experience. Aesthetically we wanted to give the brand a fresh, contemporary look and to ensure all details aligned with Ramsbury’s sustinable practices.” 

Inspired by the 19,600-acre Wiltshire estate from which they take their name, the Ramsbury spirits are also available from 31Dover, Master of Malt, and The Whisky Exchange, as well as select on-trade locations.