Punch Room At The London EDITION Reopens With Innovative New Cocktail Menu

Punch Room - The London EDITION - Diplomatic Mission

Punch Room, one of London’s most celebrated cocktail bars, is set to reopen on 10th June 2022 with an innovative new menu created by Bars Manager Anthony Callegari. Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, within The London EDITION hotel, the award-winning bar is an intimate hangout for cocktail connoisseurs in the know.

Following the opening of Punch Room at The Madrid EDITION last month, this new menu promises to continue EDITION’s strides towards making punch sexy again. Punch Room is a contemporary reincarnation of London’s nineteenth-century private clubs, with locations in London, Shanghai, Barcelona and now Madrid, the space features furnished custom tufted banquettes in teal velvet, overstuffed mint green leather tub chairs, and dark brown leather club chairs. The soundtrack is made up of vintage jazz, reggae, and soul classics, creating a laid back, yet electric vibe.

Punch Room’s last menu, ‘The Five: Volume III’, explored the five classical elements – earth, air, fire, water, and ether. As a continuation of this, the new menu, titled ‘Inception’, takes inspiration from four influential figures from the history of punch, who have each transformed the drink through new ingredients, techniques, and concepts. Based upon the traditions and history surrounding punch, the new menu offers a modern twist upon century-old recipes.

“The creation of this menu has taken us on such a journey, and we are honoured to pay homage to these true pioneers of punch,” said Callegari. “Each one has taken the concept in a different direction and started a new phase, so it only seems right that we honour them as we enter this new era for the Punch Room.”

Each chapter of ‘Inception’ contains five reiterations of punch focussing on one key flavour – each represented through past, classic, present, future, and non-alcoholic expressions. Beginning with the cocktail’s original inception, guests can travel through time to explore modern and classic recreations of signature drinks, concluding in a futuristic interpretation.

“As a brand we’re looking at Punch as a spectrum with classics on one end, and more avant-garde (modern mixology applied to classic) recipe structures on the other,” explained Gates Otsuji, Director of Bars for EDITION. “All the Punch rooms now at EDITION, located in London, Shanghai, Barcelona, and most recently in Madrid, will be focusing on different parts of that range.”

Chapter 1: Johan

Punch Room - The London EDITION - Nepalese Gimlet Pour
Nepalese Gimlet

Based on the adventures and travels of 17th Century German explorer Johan Albrecht de Mandelso, this chapter takes inspiration from the exotic fruits, herbs, and spices he encountered on his travels through Persia and in particular his much-admired Indian Roses.

Diplomatic Mission: Banks 5 Island Rum, Yaguara organic, Rose cordial, Miclo kirschwasser, Lime Juice, Peychaud

Monsoon Punch: Glenfiddich 15 y.o., Rose petals tea, Red port, Lime juice, CCC syrup

Flor de Jalisco: Patron Silver, Chamomile syrup, Vanilla syrup, Select, Hibiscus tea, Apple cider, Lime juice

Napalese Gimlet: Rose and hibiscus haku, Grand Marnier, Rhubarb cordial, Hibiscus tea

Eastbound: Everleaf mountain, Lime juice, Sugar syrup, Jasmine tea, Rhubarb and hibiscus soda, Rose foam 

Chapter 2: Eliza

Cockale Punch
Cockale Punch

The 18th Century protagonist is Eliza Smith, a pioneer of home cooking who worked amongst the upper echelons of society creating some of the UK most loved foods but also wines, cordials, medicines, and salves, with hops and quinine forming the key elements.

Cockale Punch: Buttered gin, Briottet apricot, Noilly prat, Lemon Juice, Sugar syrup, Tonic

Spread Eagle Punch: Lakes blended whiskey, Woodford rye, Lemon sherbet, Demerara syrup, Lemon juice, EDITION larger

Trial & Error: Bacardi 8 y.o., Jasmine tea syrup, Lime juice, Angostura bitters, Scrappy lime bitter, Scrappy cardamon biter, Tonic

Parks Punch: Martini Rubino, Savoia Aperitivo, Mandarin Sherbet, Balsamic vinegar, Juicy 4pm

Botany Bay Punch: Everleaf forest, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, Macadamia syrup, Peroni Liberia redux, Cacao bitter, Tonic

Chapter 3: Charles

Punch Room - The London EDITION - Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Charles Dickens’ love of tea is well documented throughout his works and his love of punch was just as prolific, with parties based around tea punches infused with spice and alcohol. This chapter pays homage to him, with notes of black tea throughout.

Hard Times: Hennessy, Puher Tea, Rinquinquin, Lemon sherbet, Lemon juice, DOM Benedictine, Absinthe, Angostura, Champagne

Taj Mahal Punch: Grey Goose, Muyu Vetiver, Oak moss syrup, Earl Grey, Lemon juice

Roseta Punch: Santa Teresa, Demerara syrup, Citric acid, Pineapple water

Big Smoke Punch: Slane Irish whiskey, Coconut syrup, Demerara syrup, Oolong tea, Citric acid, Laiproiag, Tropical bitter

Easy Times: Raspberry infused English breakfast tea, Atopia, Demerara syrup, Citric acid, Ginger syrup, Fresh raspberry 

(From L-R: Swan Punch (Non-alcoholic), Potager Punch (Future), Boise Punch (Past))

Chapter 4: Jared

Punch Room - The London EDITION - Potager Punch
Potager Punch

The final modern chapter is linked to world-renowned author, publisher, drinks consultant, and cocktail historian Jared Brown. Master Distiller and co-founder of Sipsmith Gin, Jared is author of over 30 books on alcohol and its history. The prominent flavours in this chapter are based on his love of gardening, with herb and grape infused throughout.

Boise Punch: Sipsmith gin, Sweet cicely cordial, Sandeman white port, Ancho Reyes, Orange sherbet, Lemon juice

Closer to God: Vida mezcal, Cocchi Americano, Lemon sherbet, Paranga white, Lemon juice, Chamomile soda

Low Tea: Hendricks, Honey & sage syrup, Lemon verbena tea, Lemon juice, Champagne

Potager Punch: Broken Clock vodka, Blueberry & dill shrub, English breakfast tea, Absinthe, Scrappy lime bitter, Scrappy celery bitter, Lavender bitter

Swan Punch: Sipsmith low alcohol, Lime juice, Passion fruit syrup, Vanilla syrup, Cucumber slice, Mint leaves, Mint soda

Each Punch can be served individually or in Punch Room’s exclusive range of vintage punch bowls, perfect for sharing.

Punch Room is open Friday & Saturday from 5PM to 12AM and Sunday from 5PM to 11PM. It is located inside The London EDITION at 10 Berners Street, W1T 3NP.

For more information or to make a reservation, head over to the hotel’s official website.

In April, The Barcelona EDITION reopened its iconic late night venue, Cabaret. Located just above the bustling El Born neighborhood, the venue initially opened alongside the hotel in 2018.

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