Pickering’s Brussels Sprout Gin Is The Holiday Spirit You Didn’t Know You Need

Pickering’s Brussels Sprout Gin

For some reason unbeknownst to us, Brussels sprouts are part an intricate part of Christmas dinner. In a collaboration that seems equally as strange, Scottish distillery Pickering’s has created a Brussels Sprout Gin. As it turns out, it’s the holiday spirit we’ve needed this whole time.

Pickering’s Brussel Sprout Gin was originally released as part of the Edinburgh Distillery’s  Christmas Gin bauble range, along other Yuletide-y flavors like Figgy Pudding, Festive Cranberry and Plum and Ginger. However, it has become such a huge hit that they brought it back as a 20cl bottle.

The Gin actually happens to be the distillery’s best-selling festive flavor. This year, they sourced 10,000 Perthshire sprouts in order to make the hit tipple. It’s described as “herbaceous and surprisingly sweet,” and also offers “fresh green pepper twang.”

The distillery recommends mixing it into a savoury style G&T with Indian (or Elderflower) tonic and a cucumber slice or cucumber “rose”. If you want to make a cocktail, they suggest a Love It. Hate It.

Love It. Hate It

  • 50ml Pickering’s Brussels Sprout Gin 
  • 1 ‘thumb’ Fresh Cucumber
  • 20ml Fresh Lime
  • 20ml Simple Syrup
  • 2 Dashes Orange Bitters
  • Elderflower Tonic
  • Brussels Sprout & Cucumber Rose to garnish

Muddle the cucumber in your shaker, add ice and all other ingredients except the elderflower tonic and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds. Pour everything into a chilled high-ball glass, top with elderflower tonic and garnish with a sprout and a cucumber ‘rose’.

Pickering’s Brussel Sprout Gin is just another odd twist in a year we’re all looking to forget, let the Gin help with that. It can be purchased via the distillery website or Master of Malt for £12 ($16 USD) per 200 ml bottle.

If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, but also from Edinburgh, Edinburgh Gin has unwrapped a new Poached Pear Gin liqueur. Over the years, the Scottish distillery has released a number of tantalizing Gin liqueur flavors that range from Rhubarb and Ginger to Pink Peppercorn to Blackcurrant and Anise or Lemon and Jasmine.