Oxford Rye Whisky Batch #3 Hits Shelves

Oxford Rye Whisky Batch #3

The Oxford Artisan Distillery has released Batch #3 of its rye whisky. The new offering commemorates the English distillery’s fourth anniversary.

Oxford Rye Whisky Batch #3 was first aged for 17 months in American oak casks, before being matured for an additional 19 months in Moscatel de Setúbal wine casks from Portugal. Batch #3 used organic heritage grain that was harvested in autumn 2017. It comprises 90% maslin (a mix of 70% rye and 20% wheat from populations grown together in the same field), and 10% heritage malted barley.

“The sweet fruity flavours from the rye spirit and the Moscatel cask combine seamlessly in a floral bouquet of summer gardens,” said master distiller Chico Rose. “Our first batch was a classic take on American rye whiskey. Batch #2 was more complex and inspired by Oxford, and with Batch #3 I wanted to bring more cask influence to our rye spirit.

“This batch of whisky suits this season impeccably – it breathes a wealth of freshness and summer fruits, with such beautiful complexity and vibrancy of flavours, it’s absolutely lush. Perfect to toast our first four years.”

Bottled at cask strength (51.2% ABV), the whisky has a complex profile, packed with notes of fruity gummy bears and banana bubble gum, then swathes of honey and flowery fruits, touched off with white chocolate, a zing of tea-tree, and finally nutmeg and smoky hints of oriental BBQ. The Moscatel de Setúbal wine cask delivers additional floral and stone fruit notes adding a rich sweetness to the rye.

Only 551 bottles of Oxford Rye Batch #3 have been created.and is priced at £120 ($167 USD) per bottle. It is available from specialist retailers, including Master of Malt, Hedonism, The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and the distillery’s official website.

In July, the distillery launched Oxford Rye Whisky Batch #2. The English distillery’s first rye whisky release, Batch #1, hit shelves in April and sold out on the day of its launch.