Olivia Culpo Joins Canned Cocktail Company Vide Beverages

Olivia Culpo Vide Canned Cocktails

Olivia Culpo is now officially the creative director of Vide Beverages. The former Miss Universe also joined the canned cocktail brand as an investor along with David Adelman, CEO of Darco Capital.

Vide is a ready-to-drink Vodka soda with a hint of natural fruit flavor that comes in two varieties, Cranberry and Watermelon. Made with only three ingredients, the new RTD boasts it only has 99 calories, is gluten-free, and contains zero sugar and zero carbs. 

“I grew up in the restaurant business and have always been passionate about the sense of community built around amazing food and drink,” says Olivia Culpo about her first interest in Vide. “It’s a part of my DNA and what I associate with companionship and making memories with friends and family. After opening our family restaurant, The Back40, I knew I needed to do more in the hospitality space which is why I am so happy to have discovered VIDE. It is a high quality and health-conscious beverage which is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the hard seltzer space. I am so excited to work with Ryan and Sal to continue to grow this amazing business.”

Culpo joins investor David Adelman, CEO of Darco Capital, as a lead investor for Vide’s most recent fundraising round. Darco has invested in other beverage companies, including Beatbox Beverages, Beach Whiskey, Recess, and Rise Brewing Co. Culpo and Adelman will work closely with Vide co-founders, Sal Campisi and Ryan Laverty, to oversee the next round of financing.

“When I met Sal and Ryan, I knew they had a winning formula both in the can and in each other as entrepreneurs,” said Adelman. “Their ability to bring an elevated elegance to this rapidly growing beverage category through a commitment to a healthy formula and high-quality ingredients shows a fundamental understanding of modern-day consumer values.”

Campisi and Laverty created the brand when they realized there was a gap in the market for a ready-to-drink product made with real spirits. Together, the duo shared a vision to deliver convenience and clean ingredients to the modern drinker.

“We’re ecstatic to have Olivia and David lead this round. They both have such a keen sense of the opportunity within our space and a vast understanding of changing consumer preferences,” says Laverty.

Campisi adds, “Olivia perfectly aligns with our brand. We’re so excited that she shares the same vision Ryan and I have had since we started this. We’re humbled to have Olivia and David on our team as business partners.”

Vide is priced at $11.99 (for a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans) and can be shipped to 30 states via orders placed on its official website.